While I eat most figs fresh off the tree, occasionally we’ll cook some. Here is an easy stuffed fig recipe, worth trying for a tasty appetizer. Mediterranean food at its best….in California or wherever you happen to be. 

Fig season here at home is a very special season for us. We have the best green fig tree.  Delicious, jammy figs – and loads of them.  We also have a couple of purple fig trees too.  No shortage of figs in our house. 

We have to rely on guests helping us eat our figs and sadly this year, our prime fig eater couldn’t make it!  But we’ve been training up some others.

In fact, Mrs. Skunk appears particularly keen on figs! Every time I drive home in the evening, she is at the fig tree, munching away. Definitely, she is a guest that I don’t want to disturb during her feast! 

Many people have only ever eaten dried figs. If that is you – head out to the store or farmers market and look for some fresh ones. There is no comparison.  They are little jewels, with sweet crunchy jaminess inside. 

Infographic for walnut stuffed figs recipe from CALMERme.com

Changing the recipe

As with all my recipes, this one is very flexible. If you don’t have or like Taleggio cheese, you can try other cheeses in there instead. Maybe a blue cheese like gorgonzola?  You can switch out the walnuts and thyme for other variations too. Maybe pecans and rosemary? See what combination you like the best. 

Figs are flowers

Did you know that figs are actually inverted flowers?  The fig flesh is made from matured flowers which bloom inside the skin.  If you get one that isn’t quite ripe, you can actually see the inside is more flower-like. 

Storing figs

If you buy fresh figs, they are quite perishable. I like to separate them, using an old egg box with a fig in each egg area. They seem to last longer that way, without touching each other. 

Get eating figs before their season is over…..

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