I attach an incredible talk by Pam Warhurst.  Take some time out to listen and be inspired.  As she says, it’s about more than growing edible plants, it’s about growing people.

A couple of weeks ago there was a conference on the island of Guernsey called ‘Journey to 100’.  The Youtube of the whole conference is more than 8 hours of talks. But never fear, Pam’s snippet is short, like a TedTalk. Once you hear it, you may be encouraged to listen to some of the other talks too. (Pam’s talk begins at 5hours 8 minutes 30 seconds, in case the link loses the timing).

‘Journey to 100’  started Guernsey’s quest to become the first country with a life expectancy of 100. Their goal is to explore options for a sustainable approach to healthcare and longevity.  They want Guernsey to be the best place in the world to live.  

Pam’s talk tells us how she has inspired individuals, starting in northern England, to get involved in growing edible plants.  It’s been truly transformational.  And she tells the story with such great passion.

Incredible Edible Todmorden

Pam started her idea in a small town in northern England, Todmorden. If you visit Todmorden today – which lots of people do for vegetable tourism, you’ll find vegetables and herbs growing in many public places. This includes the cemetery, the strips of land in the middle of the roads, in front of the elder care homes and police station, and fruit trees planted around the health care center. 

This has changed not only the way the people in the town eat, but also how they look at public spaces.  Everyone is encouraged to plant edibles – on their own property and public.  And anyone is welcome to harvest the food and cook it for dinner.  

There are now many other towns in England which have followed suit, as well as other communities in the US, Japan and New Zealand. Maybe your town is next????

Take a listen and share with others. 

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