Maybe you struggle with your protein intake and use protein powder in shakes or smoothies for breakfast. Today I’ll show you a few different ways to use protein powder for breakfast, to give you a bit of variety. 

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I recommend whole foods, whenever possible. However, in some situations, a client might need to use something like a protein powder to ensure they are getting adequate levels. It could be that during cancer treatment it is difficult to eat and chew with mouth sores, so a protein powder can help. Maybe someone is eating a vegan or vegetarian diet and finding it hard to balance the nutrient requirements that they need. 

Whatever the reason, using proteins powders can help in many different situations. I’m not suggesting we all need protein powders or that we need very high levels of protein in our diet, I’m just saying that sometimes they can be useful. We are all different and have different needs at different times in our lives. 

Beyond Smoothies

Most protein powders are used to make a shake or smoothie. But sometimes, that can get a bit monotonous. So think about using your protein powders in other ways. Take a look at some ideas for breakfast in this infographic:

Infographic on ways to use protein powder beyond smoothies from

Have you tried any of these? Remember there is more than just the unflavored powder too. You can try the different flavored powders too, for example, maybe having chocolate flavored oatmeal, or using vanilla powder for vanilla french toast. See what works for you and maybe the flavors will stimulate your appetite if you have been having trouble eating. 

Next week we’ll look at how to incorporate protein powders into other meals to boost their protein content. 

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