When you hear of gummies or gummy bears, you don’t think of a food that is healthy in any way. But today, I’ll share a recipe that combines the power of pomegranate juice with the potential gut healing effects of gelatin.  Try these pomegranate gummies and make them whatever shape you want – hearts, bears, bunnies, …..

Take a look back at my previous pomegranate blogs which include information about selecting pomegranate juice, potential general health effects of pomegranate, and cardiovascular effects. Although drinking fruit juices is not something that I generally recommend to people, pomegranate juice is the exception!   

In Tuesday’s blog this week we also looked at the potential benefits of good quality gelatin. A couple of gelatin options are Vital Proteins and Great Lakes. If you avoid meat, there is a fish gelatin product too. 

So why not combine the pom with the gelatin and make gummies that taste like a treat, but can also be good for us. 

A quick easy recipe to help you and your family get some gelatin in your diet! 

Have a go. Try some cool different shaped molds. I found a duck and rabbit one in my cupboard – obviously from one Easter time, and they look lovely as pom bunnies and ducks. 

Infographic recipe for pomegranate gummies from CALMERme.com

I know the “bloom” part with the gelatin in cold water to start with might seem like a bit of effort, but it does actually make it easier to dissolve in the hot juice later. If you prefer to skip that stage, make sure you add the gelatin slowly to the hot juice.

See what you think.

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