With the colder mornings, I am feeling more inclined towards warm breakfasts.  Oatmeal, or porridge as it’s called in the UK, can hit the spot, especially with some seasonal fruit and warming spices. 

A friend brought me some lovely Fuyu persimmons from her tree yesterday.  We grow the astringent version which I don’t care for as much – so it was lovely to get some crisp, tasty Fuyu’s.  While I love eating them raw in salads or just on their own – they work well cooked too.  

So I added them to oatmeal (old fashioned rolled oats), with some warming, healing, anti-inflammatory spices.   

By the way, not only is oatmeal called porridge in the UK, but persimmons are called Sharon fruit. Good job I’m bilingual in both English and American!

Infographic for turmeric persimmon oatmeal or porridge recipe from CALMERme.com

Give it a try

Depending on the juiciness of the persimmon, if it thickens too much early on, add another splash of milk.  With a soft juicy persimmon it worked fine but with a firmer one, it needed a little more liquid. Remember the flax is a great thickener in this recipe.

You don’t taste the turmeric in it – so don’t be put off by that. 

I love the orange color of the oatmeal that you get from the persimmon and turmeric. I think I may well be eating this at other times beside breakfast! 

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