In Tuesday’s blog post I mentioned Tulsi tea being likened to liquid yoga. Today here is a recipe for making truffles using Tulsi tea leaves. It can also be adapted to other types of tea.

While we are most familiar with drinking hot water extracts of tea leaves ie tea, you can also grind up tea leaves and use them as a powder. Think about Matcha. It is ground up green tea leaves. Having tea as a powder opens up more culinary uses.

Today’s recipe for Tulsi tea truffles can be made with loose Tulsi leaves or just by emptying out Tulsi teabags. How simple is that? You could also grow your own, dry them and then use them. 

Tulsi tea truffles recipe from


Remember, we saw earlier in the week that Tulsi is a great adaptogen which means that it can be very calming and relaxing, while also keeping you alert. Maybe you’ll want to keep some of these on hand for little stress busters!

Make them your own

What other tea flavors can you think of? Maybe some of the berry teas? Or what about peppermint? I can see this being a recipe that you can adapt to the seasons…for example a Chai truffle in winter, peppermint or Earl Grey ones outside in the garden in summer…

And instead of the cacao powder for some of these flavors, I’d try rosehip powder. You may recall I had another rosehip recipe a while ago –  rosehip ginger bliss ball.  Rosehip powder is a great source of vitamin C. I can imagine the rosehip powder as part of a super berry tea truffle. Here I was, starting out as a Tulsi tea recipe and now I’m onto berries and rosehips! 

Let me know if you come up with a great combination and I’ll feature your recipe here. 

Remember, the main ingredient of these truffles is dates, so don’t eat too many. Yes, it’s not “added sugar”, but dates are still high in sugar. So consider making them when others are coming around….e.g. for tea! 

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