Testimonials from private clients:

“I have known Ruth socially, through our mutual book group, for ten years.  But when I was suddenly diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer,  our relationship expanded  to her becoming my compassionate, knowledgable cancer coach.  I marveled at her background and up to date information on all aspects of my concerns.  

After undergoing a hysterectomy and my series of chemotherapy, she was ready with the diet I needed to implement, to keep up my strength and renew some of the damages caused by the chemo.  Nausea remedies, pain relief suggestions, food preparation ideas … She offered so many answers that helped alleviate my fears.  

Here I am, three years later, beating the odds!   I’m convinced that Ruth’s  advice and information  are the major reasons I’m enjoying a blessed life today.” P.F. Sonoma, CA



“Ruth is an Angel. She calmly offers research help and suggestions for the best diet and supplements. Her follow-up with lists and thoughts is professional yet warm and caring. She has such a positive outlook, as she ticks off options, that it’s hard to feel hopeless in her presence. Her patience in explaining the baffling world of drugs and treatments helps lift the fog of overwhelm. I’ve been blessed with Ruth’s brilliance and the biggest gift of all, her time.” L.G. Sonoma, CA



“I feel so secure with having you at my doctors appointment. I will always be thanking you.” D.C. Sonoma, CA