We seem to be bombarded with opinions about WHAT we should be eating, from low fat to ketogenic, from vegan to paleo, and all the other variations on offer. But little attention is paid to HOW we eat.  I’m running a one-day TASTE workshop in March to explore the “how” of eating. I’d love you to join me. Here’s what we’ll be covering.

Many people hear and believe the phrase:

“you are what you eat”.  

But that actually misses out on quite a lot.  Instead, I prefer: 

“you are what you digest”

coupled with

“you are who you host”

Digestion, absorption, and elimination

You see, if we don’t digest and absorb/assimilate nutrients from our food, it really makes little difference what we eat. We need to ensure how we eat optimizes digestion and also elimination. And a key part of that is the involvement of the microbiota in our gut – the micro-organisms that we host in our bodies. They need nourishing too.

Inadequate digestion and absorption can lead to many different symptoms and even diseases. And digestive issues can all too often get worse as we age. We end up getting more immediate symptoms like bloating, gas, pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc. But also longer-term effects may show up, like chronic diseases that may be linked to the gut and digestion such as autoimmune conditions, migraines, arthritis, cancer.

The five steps of T.A.S.T.E.

In this workshop, we’ll look at 5 simple steps you can take to improve your digestion and thus your health.  They are described by the acronym TASTE. 

TASTE 5 steps to optimize digestion workshop from CALMERme.com

We will discuss these 5 steps and also try out some techniques you can implement straight away.  

I’m hosting this workshop with my friend and colleague, Cheri Sabol. She has been doing all the event organizing and will be leading us in some simple Pilates exercises that help with digestion.  These can be done in a chair or on a mat so are accessible for all.


The workshop is in the lovely setting of Westerbeke Ranch just outside of Sonoma.   If you haven’t been there before, you’ll love it. A very serene place. Just perfect for our day of learning self-care.

And a key part of the day will be our lunch together.  Yes, we will get to “practice” eating!


Here is the general info. 

Be our partners in learning the Digestion Dance

Our goal is that this day will be enjoyable and inspire you to make some simple changes that will improve your health. Come join us in learning the Digestion Dance. Tickets available through Eventbrite at TASTE workshop.

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