Keeping in our “dip” mode a little longer, here is the third dip – (really more of a spread) recipe this month. We’ve had beet and feta, artichoke and almond, and now this is a spiced sun-dried tomato spread.

I can’t quite decide what this is. Is it a dip or spread? Maybe it’s more a chutney? What about a kasundi (Indian ketchup)?  I think it’s actually a little spicy to be a dip.  

“A rose by any name would smell as sweet”, so maybe it doesn’t matter what you call this versatile sun-dried tomato mix! I think you’ll like it. 

And no slaving over a hot stove here. It’s raw. Just throw the ingredients in a food processor, and pulse! But it is spicy so you don’t need too much. 

Infographic recipe

Infographic recipe for spiced sun-dried tomato dip from

I think it does best with slightly soft sun-dried tomatoes rather than the hard really dry ones. 

Try mixing some of this with some sheep yogurt for a milder delicious dip. Otherwise, use it as a spread on bread or crackers, add some goat cheese….whatever takes your fancy. 

Let me know how you like it.

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