An interesting study came out in October that compared whether calling a food a snack versus meal, and whether standing or sitting at a table to eat it had an impact on subsequent food intake. Let’s see what the researchers found.

The infographic below describes the study and its findings.

Does snack or meal language affect food intake from blog

With the increase in childhood obesity and diabetes, these findings could really make a difference to families.   Let’s pay attention to the language and setting for our food.  

When the kids come home from school, sit them down at a table for something to eat – and don’t just let them use their fingers. Get the cutlery out.

How often do you eat in the car or wander around the house snacking?  Maybe if you sat down without distractions (e.g. on the computer or watching television) you would eat less.

Can you choose one specific behavior to change this week in relation to this?


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