Maybe the only way you have ever eaten nori or seaweed is as part of sushi.  But because sea vegetables, aka seaweeds, are such great sources of minerals, they deserve a regular place in our diet. So let’s look at six easy ways to use nori – the seaweed that comes as a dried sheet. 

In last week’s blog post, I discussed the nutritional value of including sea vegetables into your diet. But if you haven’t tried it before, it can seem a little odd to know how to use it. The sea vegetable nori is available in many supermarkets. It comes already toasted and looks like thin sheets of green paper! Normally there are 10 sheets in a pack. So how do you eat this paper-like green thing?

Nori is probably the easiest of seaweeds to use as you don’t need to soak it first. You just use it as it is, most often just tearing it into smaller pieces. Here are 6 easy ways to try it:

Infographic is six easy ways to use nori from

And of course, a seventh way is to make your own sushi or use it like a wrap!  Give it a go. We can all tear paper into small pieces and that’s generally all you need to do with nori. 

Let’s nourish ourselves with nori!

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