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Our approach 

The goal of CALMERme is to guide you back to health and wellbeing. Wellbeing extends beyond the traditional definition of health.  It includes physical vitality, social satisfaction, a purpose in life, and a sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment. 

We use a personalized functional medicine approach. Functional medicine searches for the root cause of health problems.  It looks at health and family history, genetics, lifestyle, environment and mental and emotional factors. We use functional medicine tests, nutrigenetic testing and most importantly, take the time to listen and get to know you.  Imagine always having at least 60 minutes to talk about what is going on. Time to tell your story. That is powerful in and of itself.

Our interventions are nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and nutrigenomics. Education is also involved, so you understand why certain changes are being suggested. Then coaching is important too.  This isn’t a  ‘pill for an ill’ approach. It’s about you feeling empowered to make changes in your life.  This takes time, so regular contact via email/text helps keep you on the optimal path to wellbeing.


We can work together in person (San Luis Obispo county, Central California), by phone, or virtually, from anywhere in the world, via a HIPAA compliant video conference service (similar to Skype/Facetime).

Please note, the legislature in certain US states restricts me from working ‘virtually’ on nutrition with clients who live in those states.  I will confirm any restrictions with you before we begin working together. 

Individual consultations

The individual consultation options are designed to give you flexibility in how we work together.  They empower you to move forward to make changes towards a higher level of wellbeing.

Typically, you should expect to have a minimum of  3 consultations over a two to three-month period, with most clients having 5 or 6 appointments over 6 months. The first visit is primarily an information gathering and sharing session with some recommendations for testing. The second appointment reviews your dietary analysis, initial changes and home testing results. The third appointment reviews your laboratory and/or gene test results and discusses a plan to address your risk factors and health issues.  

Further appointments depend on your situation. Some people continue regular appointments while others go to 6 month or annual screening. 

Free discovery consultation

15-minute call with Ruth. FREE – no cost, no obligation.                                

Clinical consultations

Our clinical consultations with Ruth are 60-90 minutes. $195/consultation. 

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Ready to start working together?

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Functional medicine testing

What is functional medicine?

Ruth works with clients using a functional medicine approach. Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, as well as symptoms management. Instead of conventional medicine which deals with the “what” – what disease, what pill, functional medicine deals with the “why” – why is this symptom occurring now and why has this happened?

This approach addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. Functional Medicine practitioners spend time with their patients, listening to their histories and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease. In this way, Functional Medicine supports the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual. 

What is functional medicine testing?

Functional medicine testing incorporates different tests from those you normally get with your doctor. These include looking at your genes and their polymorphisms, and looking at the function of different systems in the body.  

What testing might be appropriate for you?

While there are many different tests we can do, the most commonly used are shown below, along with their cost.  

  • DUTCH comprehensive hormone test. Looks at stress hormones and sex hormones to identify imbalances. ~$250. Urine test performed at home.  This test gives a really comprehensive view of your hormone levels, including the metabolites (breakdown products) of hormones.  It helps us see what is out of balance and how we can support it.
  • Organic acid test. This test looks at four critical areas of metabolism – gastrointestinal function, energy production, neurotransmitter processing (relating to mood), and organic acid balance – to assess vitamin and mineral cofactor adequacy. ~$299. Urine test performed at home.
  • Spectracell micronutrient panel ~$290. Blood test that needs to be taken at a lab (possible additional cost for blood draw). This test looks at the functional levels of all your vitamins and minerals and you anti-oxidant capacity.  This is useful to identify deficiencies.
  • GI effects comprehensive profile. Looks at digestion, nutritional insufficiencies, and the gut microbiome for imbalances and dysbiosis. $550. Stool sample performed at home.  This helps identify any imbalance in the gut microbiota,  looks at inflammation in the gut, the intestinal permeability, and how the gut is functioning.
  • Food sensitivity testing ~$275. Finger prick test performed at home. This test looks at food sensitivities that might be causing inflammation and immune reactions.
  • Genomics testing to identify relevant polymorphisms. Prices vary depending on which tests are selected.  Saliva test conducted at home. While we can’t change our genes, knowing we have certain polymorphisms means we can optimize their activity through certain nutrients and lifestyle factors.

Can the cost of these tests be covered by my insurance and done through my doctor?

A few doctors will conduct these tests so that their cost is covered by insurance – but it varies greatly between doctors.  We will gladly work with you and try to see if this is a possibility.

What clients say

I have known Ruth socially, through our mutual book group, for ten years. But when I was suddenly diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer, our relationship expanded to her becoming my compassionate, knowledgable cancer coach. I marveled at her background and up to date information on all aspects of my concerns.

After undergoing a hysterectomy and my series of chemotherapy, she was ready with the diet I needed to implement, to keep up my strength and renew some of the damages caused by the chemo. Nausea remedies, pain relief suggestions, food preparation ideas … She offered so many answers that helped alleviate my fears.

Here I am, three years later, beating the odds! I’m convinced that Ruth’s advice and information are the major reasons I’m enjoying a blessed life today.

P.F. Sonoma, CA.
Ruth is an Angel. She calmly offers research help and suggestions for the best diet and supplements. Her follow-up with lists and thoughts is professional yet warm and caring. She has such a positive outlook, as she ticks off options, that it’s hard to feel hopeless in her presence. Her patience in explaining the baffling world of drugs and treatments helps lift the fog of overwhelm. I’ve been blessed with Ruth’s brilliance and the biggest gift of all, her time.
L.G. Sonoma, CA.
I feel so secure with having you at my doctors’ appointments. I will always be thanking you.
D.C. Sonoma, CA.