Sardines are a healthy, economical food choice. Yet we often struggle with how to incorporate them into our weekly diets.  Many people get stuck and bored with sardines on toast. So here is a recipe for sardine patties. Try it and include it with your everyday recipes for a boost of anti-inflammatory nutrients.

I use canned (tinned) sardines in this recipe, which makes it economical. You can keep some cans in your cupboard and be ready to make this recipe anytime.

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Infographic of sardine patties recipe from

If you make extra, cook them then reheat when needed in the microwave for 40 seconds/2 patties. If you make them in advance, you can freeze them uncooked.

I like to serve these with homemade coleslaw.  The cabbage in coleslaw is a cruciferous vegetable, important for detoxification, including estrogens. 

Changing the recipe

You can use this same coating on other fish too. We frequently use it with rock cod to make fish goujons (fish fingers to the less sophisticated!). You could also try it with tinned tuna. 

With the tinned tuna or sardines try adding some fresh herbs to the fish mixture like cilantro or parsley and switching the paprika for another spice.

Hope you try this and also find other ways to include sardines in your regular diet. 

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