The sweet and savory flavors of pears and herbs are perfectly balanced in this recipe. This will get you salivating.

I’ve mentioned recently our over-abundance of figs this year. The other fruit we have in excess is pears. What a tough life I have! Last year we had hardly any pears but this year, the trees have made up for it.  Our fridge is full of pears. And we are enjoying eating them.

But today I had this roasted pear dish for my lunch and it struck me as one of the tastiest things I’d had in ages. While I enjoy the pears raw on their own or with lots of different things, I could happily eat the rest of the pears in the fridge in this recipe. It is delicious.

The cheese you choose is up to you. It can be goat, sheep, cow or non-dairy.  But today, the combination with bleu D’affinois won the prize for me.  It is very rich so I only put a thin slice on each pear half. I urge you to give it a try.  

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And before you sit down to eat it, remember to smell it.  We forget to use our sense of smell, yet it is an important part of our enjoyment. But smell is even more than just involved in taste, it can relax us before we eat. Smelling the rosemary may bring back memories for you, and calm your sympathetic nervous system. Smell can stimulate our vagus nerve so we are relaxed to eat, which leads to good blood flow to the digestive system.

So when you have prepared this, be grateful for the food and take in a deep breath as you smell it. Now you are ready to eat. 

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Changing the recipe

I serve this on a very simple green salad. It doesn’t need much as all the flavor is in the herbs, pear and cheese. Choose whatever greens you have. If the leaves are small like baby arugula, just keep whole, but if they are bigger, it’s good to tear them up. 

Regarding my salad dressing – this is the dressing I use most frequently. It’s hardly a dressing – more a drizzle and a squeeze.  I encourage you to try the Carlson’s lemon flavored fish oil.  It doesn’t taste of fish, believe me. And it is a great source of omega 3’s.  Using it on salads is a great way to increase our omega 3 intake, for anti-inflammatory action.  Then I add a squeeze of lemon, or you could use vinegar instead.  

Today I forgot to include pumpkin seeds and didn’t miss them. I think walnuts would be good too.  

Would love to hear from you if you try this. 

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