Eating raw broccoli is a great support for detoxification. Yet many people often struggle to find ways to enjoy raw broccoli. These little broccoli bites are perfect.

You can eat them in many different ways: as they are, wrapped in a lettuce leaf, with a dip, as an alternative to falafels….


Detoxification in the body happens all the time. There are 2 main phases of detoxification.  The goal is to balance the speed of phase 1 with that of phase 2.  There are intermediates formed between the 2 phases which are generally more toxic than what we started with. So we don’t want those intermediates hanging around, waiting for phase 2 to start. One of our problems is, however, that when we have polymorphisms in our genes, they tend to speed up phase 1 and slow down phase 2 – creating just the imbalance we want to avoid.

Move in broccoli!  Broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables, helps slow down phase 1 and speed up phase 2.  Perfect. Just what we need. I’ll talk more about how this happens another day, but eating it raw is a key part too.  

But plain raw broccoli isn’t very palatable for many people, so these little broccoli bites may encourage a new healthy detoxifying habit.   

Raw Broccoli Bites infographic

Infographic of raw broccoli bites recipe from

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