Here are some protein powder ideas for lunch and dinner, following on from last week ‘s suggestions for breakfast. It doesn’t just have to be a shake or smoothie.

As I discussed in Beyond Smoothie 1 – Protein powder for breakfasts, there are times when we need to use protein powder in our diets due to difficulties with eating or getting adequate nourishment. But it can get monotonous and boring to just have smoothies or shakes. And sometimes we want something warming and more comforting rather than a cold drink. But there are other ways to use the powder.

Protein benefits on blood glucose levels

Remember that adding protein to a high carbohydrate meal/food can also help with blood glucose levels. For example, with the mashed potato idea shown below, the protein powder addition may well reduce glucose levels after eating it. Similarly for baked goods. Instead of just having flour and fat – add some protein. Protein powder can really help in balancing blood sugar. 

So here are some suggestions on how to use powders in other ways that can be part of lunch or dinner. 

See how you get on with these.

Infographic of how to use protein powders in meals from

Let me know if you try and which you like. 

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