When I was in England last week, we went fruit picking. It was yummy! The strawberries at this time of year were small but sweet and tasty. As we always pick too many, I used some to make a chia berry breakfast. Take a look at the recipe.

You may recall last week that I shared an overnight chia banana breakfast recipe with you. Quick, easy, healthy, dairy free, gluten free, no added sugar.  This week, expand your horizons and try different fruits instead of bananas. 

Chia berry breakfast

Maybe you are trying to reduce your sugar intake and so bananas don’t work for you at this time. What about trying the recipe with less sweet fruits, like berries instead. You can use fresh (esp. if you’ve been to a PYO or grow them) or frozen/defrosted. Take a look at the infographic and see what I used with my strawberries. It may surprise you! By the way, I did blend a little longer so seeds of the strawberries were crushed and it was a smooth texture.

Infographic for chia berry breakfast recipe from CALMERme.com

Chia fruit breakfast

But why limit ourselves to bananas or berries for this recipe. Maybe you have a peach tree with lots of fruit all at one time. Yes, give that a try in this recipe. What about apples? I guess they would work well, although I haven’t tried it…yet. The blender makes it all liquid enough, along with the almond milk, so this fall, try a pear or apple chia breakfast. What fruit do you have right now that you could try? Ooh…figs just came to my mind. Jammy figs. Delicious. As a guide, whatever the fruit, I go with about 1 cup of fruit to the chia and almond milk quantity shown above. If it’s a really juicy fruit like watermelon, you might want to cut down on the milk or just do watermelon and chia. Or add more chia to thicken it up.  

As with all my recipes, they are just guides. The fun is making them your own. Don’t be intimidated. Experiment.

The best part is that you can use different add-ins and toppings depending on the fruit you are using. 

Choosing flavors to set off the fruit

For my strawberry breakfast, I love balsamic vinegar with strawberries, so that was an easy choice. It really brings out the flavor of the strawberries. And of course, the mint was an obvious herb to match. But what about the pepper? Yes, try a few pink peppercorns with your strawberries. I love it. It doesn’t taste particularly peppery. 

If you are using apples, you could stir in some raisins, cinnamon, cloves and top with hemp seeds. If you are using peaches, what about a bit of basil, ginger and hazelnuts?  If watermelon, try lime and vanilla.  Yes, get creative. It’s just one bowl after all. If it doesn’t taste great, change it up next time. 

I hope you’ll find some interesting combinations – and will share them too! Start your day the healthy way.

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