I love this week between Christmas and the New Year. I like to think of it as my oasis week. A time of calm in the midst of chaos. The perfect time for reflection and clarification.

We’ve got past the gift buying frenzy and Christmas/Hanukkah/Holidays busy-ness but have yet to get into the fresh start of the New Year. Maybe you’ve got time off work? Whatever your situation, this week is like none other. So let’s put it to good use.

Let’s use this time to reflect on our life. Take pause. What are we all about? How is our well-being? Well-being can be defined as a state characterized by health (body), happiness (mind), and meaning in life/fulfillment (spirit). Are we too busy looking at health and happiness and forgetting our purpose?  Has our meaning in life been ignored because of other priorities?

Oasis week – Part 1 – reflecting

One day this week when the sun is shining, get outside and go for a walk, preferably in nature and just see where your mind takes you. 

If it’s raining or chilly another day, curl up somewhere comfortable at home with a warm cup of tea and look at what is working and what isn’t working in your life. 

Chat around the dinner table with family and ask them how they feel about their lives.

It’s not about coming up with resolutions for the new year. It’s about taking stock of where we are. 

And once you’ve reflected on where you are, then we can look at how to go forward. 

Oasis week – Part 2 – purpose, vision, and goals

Consider what is your life’s purpose? What is your life’s vision? And what are your goals? 

Your purpose refers to what you are ultimately trying to accomplish in the world

Your vision refers to the way in which you plan to get there.

And your goals are the specific steps you need to take to realize your vision.

Take some time to think about these things.  Your purpose usually stays quite constant but how we do it, our vision and goals may change over time. 


Maybe right now, circumstances mean your goals need to change.

Maybe you are ill or in treatment and it all seems overwhelming. Or maybe you have just finished treatment and are trying to figure out your “new normal”. Or has there been some other significant change in your life? Our need to clarify and adjust our vision and goals may be more necessary under these circumstances than ever before.

Does our purpose have to change or can we just change our goals and vision?  Maybe we can still achieve what we want in life, but have to do it a different way.

Take time to think about who you are and what you want. How can you go forward and still have meaning in life and enjoyment?

Family and friends

While our purpose is individual, our lives are intertwined with our partner, family, and friends. So, discuss it with them. What are you both/all working towards in life? How can you support each other so that you can all achieve your goals?  

Take home message

Take time this week to reflect on your life. Then consider your purpose, vision, and goals.

Can you put things in place in your daily life to take you closer to your purpose and not be distracted by non-essential tasks? Start each week by writing a list of 3 things you want to achieve that week which will help you get closer to your goals and thus also your purpose and vision. Then, at the end of the week, acknowledge what you accomplish – whether big or small.

Enjoy this oasis week and use it to move towards well-being in your daily life. 

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