Noodled apples?  Doesn’t that sound like a happy dish!  It’s the same as spiralized apples. Many people with spiralizers don’t ever use them on apples however.  So here’s a noodled apple breakfast bowl recipe for you to try.  Hardly a recipe really – but a great way to start the day.

I love my spiralizer. I don’t use it very often in the winter – but this time of year, it gets well used! What about you? Do you have one? Want to give one a try?

No spiralizer?

If you don’t have a spiralizer, never fear. You can still make a similar version. Maybe not as fun as having curly apple noodles, but it’ll taste good! Without a spiralizer, you can either grate the apple or use one of the grating plates on a food processor.

If you don’t fancy noodles, try my previous apple breakfast recipe – Aha.

Key apple phytonutrients

Two of the great things about apples are quercetin and pectin. 

Quercetin is a flavonol in apples, concentrated just below the skin. One of its key benefits is stabilizing mast cells. Mast cells are the cells that produce histamine. If you are histamine intolerant or producing too much histamine, eating a daily apple may well help.

Quercetin can also help prevent spikes in blood sugar by inhibiting the enzymes involved in the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. The added cinnamon also has a blood sugar stabilizing effect.

Pectin is a soluble fiber found in apples and other fruits. The fiber content of an apple is classified “good” rather than excellent. However, the pectin interacts with other apple phytonutrients to produce blood lipid lowering effects typically associated with a much higher fiber food. Thus, there are positive cardiovascular effects of apples as a result of the interaction of fiber with other phytonutrients.


So here’s the ‘recipe’ that is really just something you assemble! As with most of my recipes – this is one to make your own, by adding spices and add-ons as you wish. 

Noodled apple breakfast bowl
Serves 1
Spiralized apple with spices and goodies
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 apple
  2. Dash of cinnamon
  3. Dash of cloves
  4. Dash of nutmeg
  5. Dash of ginger
  6. Few walnuts
  7. Few pumpkin seeds
  8. Topping: yoghurt, fruit, hemp/flax seeds...
  1. Using a spiralizer, spiralize the apple into noodles. I used the thin noodle blade. When spiralizing apples, there is no need to core them. Just take the pips/seeds out once spiralized. On my spiralizer, the pips stay on top of the blade so they don't even go in with the apple.
  2. Toss the spices, walnuts and pumpkin seeds with the curly apple noodles.
  3. To assemble the bowl, place fruit, hemp/flax seeds, yoghurt and any other toppings on top of the apple noodles.
  4. Enjoy!


Swap the spices as you like – you could just do cinnamon if you want. Or how about mixing in some Matcha green tea powder?

If you don’t like walnuts and pumpkin seeds, try pecans and sunflower seeds, instead

You can get really creative with your toppings – think about oats, granola, pomegranate seeds…

What’s good about this recipe

No need to add sugar – this is plenty sweet enough with the apple

Apples are a great source of pectin, a soluble fiber, and quercetin 

The walnuts and hemp seeds add good amounts of omega 3 fats

This is a great balance of fat, protein and carbohydrate.

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