Avocado toast has been very popular lately but the enthusiasm seems to be dwindling.  Maybe it is time for yogurt toast to take over.  

Ideas for avocado toast (basically avocado on toast with some attractive topping) have been seen on Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, restaurants.  There have been so many different combinations. But I think many people are getting a little bored of it now.  Food fashions don’t last long, like other fashions. So I’m all up for yogurt toast to take its place.  Or at least to switch it up a little bit.

How to make yogurt toast

1. The Bread

You have to start with good bread, whether it is whole grain or gluten-free. I use flax bread or Sukrin bread mix for mine. Choose a thick slice and toast it to that perfect crunch (often the color of toast is not a good guide for gluten-free bread as many do not brown).

2. The yogurt

You want a thick creamy yogurt. None of this runny yogurt which will just make the toast soggy. Choose greek style consistency of yogurt. Spreadable. And creamy. 

It can be dairy yogurt from sheep, goats or cow or a non-dairy yogurt such as soy or almond milk – just so long as they aren’t super liquid.  Go for organic if you can. I tend to use Bellwether Farms sheep yogurt.

If your favorite yogurt is too runny, consider some add-ins to thicken it up, like protein powder or flax or chia seeds. Or else you can strain your yogurt to make it thicker. 

3. Flavor the yogurt

For some recipes, its nice to flavor the yogurt. This can be done with herbs, spice, seeds, etc. You can also use some of the suggestions from last week’s “yogurt as a vehicle” blog post to get the most from your yogurt toast. Why not add that flaxseed, spice, and prebiotics to make the meal even more nutritious. 

Image showing yogurt toast with blueberries from CALMERme.com

Just picture cinnamon, clove, flax and prebiotic yogurt on toast with blueberries and a little sprinkling of granola. What a great start to the day.

Or turmeric yogurt on toast with poached egg and nigella seeds sprinkled on top.

4. The toppings

Let your imagination go wild. Think of the color and the texture as you choose your combinations as well as flavors.  Can your yogurt toast contribute several colors to your eating a “rainbow a day”?


There are some combinations you can try. Hopefully, they will inspire you to create your own. 

These are simple and quick food combinations. But you can make them more elaborate.  They are also a great way to use up left-overs. 

Just toast the bread, stir up the yogurt and spread on the bread then add the toppings. Remember to make it look visually appealing too. 

Table showing food combinations for yogurt toast from CALMERme.com

If you are more inspired visually, just search “yogurt toast” on Pinterest or your other favorite food photo site.

Let me know which one you try. Which would work best this holiday season? I know my husband would like the blood orange one, with his blood orange, picked fresh from our tree! Maybe that will be our Christmas breakfast. 

Enjoy the holidays.

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