To end May’s month of blog dip recipes, here is a twist on guacamole: minted pea avocado dip. The addition of the peas and mint not only adds to the taste but also to the nutritional impact with lots of phytonutrients from the peas. 

In my next house, I’m going to try and grow an avocado tree!  We have lots of fruit trees and some nut trees here in northern California. We tried growing avocados, but the winters are too cold. But soon, I’m going to try again! They are such a wonderful food with great monounsaturated fat content for cardiovascular health. Fingers crossed this recipe will be a common staple for me!

Minted pea avocado dip infographic

Infographic recipe for minted pea avocado dip from

If you missed the other dips this month, here they are:

Beet and feta

Artichoke and almond

Spiced sun-dried tomato

Minted pea avocado 

Hope you try at least one of them. Happy dipping.

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