Last week I shared a recipe for roasted red cabbage slices or “steaks”. You can eat these hot or use left-overs cold in a dish, like today’s recipe for Mediterranean roasted red cabbage salad. Hot or cold, the roasting brings out a sweetness in the cabbage.

Gosh, it seems like I am eating a lot of red things lately with red cabbage and beets and another beet recipe coming up next week.

But today’s recipe is a follow on from last week – to use up the remainder roasted cabbage slices. Chop the cabbage, add some apple, pecans, and a balsamic vinegar dressing, and it’s a great left-overs dish.  

There are some other options mentioned in the infographic too, so see which you like best. 

Mediterranean roasted red cabbage salad

Infographic for for recipe for Mediterranean roasted red cabbage salad from

Enjoy this outdoors for lunch with the sun shining on you.  You’ll feel you are in the Mediterranean, even if the sparkling water is in your glass, not the ocean!

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