Sadly, my pet parrot Harold just died. We have been distraught. We thought he would outlive us both. It is such a shock. But in my sadness, I am trying to focus on the life lessons I can take from sharing half my life with this dear sweet bird.

Harold has been an integral part of our lives and sharing my life with such a sweet, happy bird, especially one who could talk and sing and interacted so much, has been such an honor. 

He was a well-traveled bird having come over to the US with us from England, then he moved with us from New Hampshire to Florida to California. 

Harold had many friends. Friendships he truly loved – you could tell by how excited he got when people came round. He always thought they had come to see him, and not us. Many people will miss him. But he leaves us with such joyful memories. 

So I wanted to share some important life lessons that Harold taught me – and how he expressed them to us. We can all learn from Harold:

Infographic of life lesson from a parrot from

Thank you, Harold. I miss you so much. My songbird. x

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