Tis the season! For giving and receiving…sharing and caring…eating too much and then having regrets… But take a look at these healthy holiday gift ideas for you to give (or receive) that will keep you feeling great.

Local foods wheel       

We know that we should eat local, seasonal foods.

But when the Image shows a set of local food wheels, as described in this post on CALMERme.comproduce shelves are stocked with asparagus, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and citrus fruits twelve months of the year, how are we supposed to know what’s in season? This is where the Local Foods Wheel comes in very handy. It’s a spin-the-wheel way of seeing what food is produced in your area each month. You can pin it up in your kitchen to help you plan your weekly meals. Currently, there are five versions of the wheel that cover southern California, the San Francisco Bay area, the Northwest, the upper Midwest, and the Northeast.

Go to www.localfoodswheel.com for more details about the areas covered in each region, and for ordering information.

Bees wrap 

Image shows a piece of bees wrap, as described in this post on CALMERme.comAre you looking for a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap or cling film? You might want to try “bees wrap” sheets. Basically, bees wrap consists of cloth treated with a mixture of bees wax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. The combination makes for a wrap that is antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and reusable. (If you have a very sensitive nose, you might detect a slight bees wax or pine-y smell.) The sheets are packaged in different sizes, including three assorted wraps (s, m, l), three large wraps , and one extra large wrap (bread loaf size)).


Gratitude journal 

Image shows a gratitude journal, as described in this post on CALMERme.comBeing grateful for the beautiful, happy, and meaningful moments in your day has many health- and happiness-related benefits. In a busy day, it can be hard to fully experience those moments as they happen. You might have felt a flash of gratitude because the barista remembered your coffee order without your having to remind them… but then your son wandered off with a bar of chocolate that you had to retrieve and put back… Try taking a few moments to write down those moments of gratitude to remind yourself of how beautiful and full life can be. The notebook you use doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Try dedicating a notebook to be used as your gratitude journal, so you can flip through the pages and remember the things you’ve felt grateful for. This is a lovely thing to do for yourself when you’ve had a trying day. If you want to give a gratitude journal as a gift, I like this one by Catherine Price not just because it has a pretty cover, but because scattered throughout its pages are insightful prompts that can help you focus your mind on the positive.


Image shows a tin of Kusmi tea, as described in this post on CALMERme.comKusmi teas

While writing in the gratitude journal, enjoy a cup of tea from the Kusmi company. You’ll have many flavors to choose from. Kusmi teas are available in tins of loose leaves or neatly bundled up in muslin tea bags. Either packaging choice makes for a lovely gift. And if you have someone on your list who could benefit from a bit of a pick-me-up… Choose a flavor from the Wellness collection of loose leaves in a very cute tin, such as Detox (a loose leaf blend of maté, green tea, and lemongrass). Or choose Boost (a blend of maté, green tea, and spices). If you can’t decide, you can choose the Wellness Collection of teabags, which also includes three other flavors.

Image shows a jar of face mask rated green on the EWG website, as described in this post on CALMERme.comNon-toxic beauty products 

You and your friends can look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside without using damaging ingredients. We’ve previously blogged about the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org) and how to navigate their website (Websites to check: ewg.org). Check out the beauty products pages to make healthy choices for yourself or as gifts for others.


Love…More than anything, it’s what keeps the world turning, what keeps hope alive, and what helps each of us to face whatever challenges lie ahead. It is the most precious gift we can give anyone. Do your best to share it freely; who knows what a difference you might make to someone’s day… Image shows a red heart with stick figures holding on to it, as a depiction of love, as described in this post on CALMERme.com

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