Haloumi cheese is very popular in the UK. In fact, if you read a UK vegetarian magazine, you’ll begin to think it should be re-titled haloumitarian!  In contrast, in the US very few people have heard of it or tried it. Whether it is new to you, or an old favorite, this is a lovely seasonal salad recipe to try. Traditionally from Cyprus, Halloumi (spelled with either one or two l’s) is unlike other cheeses as you can fry it and grill it and it doesn’t melt. Instead, it crispens.  It is a great substitute for meat, so I can see why vegetarians enjoy it. It has a somewhat chewy texture.  When others are grilling meat for a BBQ, if you are a vegetarian, you can add a few slices of haloumi to the grill instead and not feel that different preparation is necessary.

And it is made from sheep and goat milk…which ties into my previous blog post this week, comparing cow, goat and sheep milk. Look for organic halloumi. 

This is an easy recipe to try your hand with halloumi if you haven’t before. And as we have so many figs on our trees, it works for me!  If you don’t have figs, however, you can switch them out for nectarines, pears, or whatever else is in season.   I also made my curly apple salad with haloumi this week, and all the family loved it. 

Haloumi fig avocado salad blog header from CALMERme.com

And yes, this is a main dish. It doesn’t need anything else alongside it. I recommend eating a salad everyday, but all too often, people think of salad as a side dish.  Get into the habit of making a salad THE dish.  

I’d love to hear what you think of haloumi if you haven’t tried it before. You’ll have to look carefully in the stores in the US, however. Last time I bought it, it was hiding nicely, and I asked the cheese counter assistant, and she’d never heard of it!  After I found it and had told her about it, she was buying some too!

Nutritional content

Nutritional content of haloumi, fig, avocado salad from CALMERme.com

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