Combine the gut healing effects of ginger and gelatin in this quick easy recipe for gut soothing gummies.

We all know how ginger helps soothe our stomach, whatever has upset it. So make some ginger tea and turn it into gummies. You’ll get the added bonus of the gut healing effects of gelatin along with that ginger in a highly portable, eat anywhere, snack. Whether you’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with you, have IBS, IBD, or just want to look after yourself, try making a batch of these gummies and see if they help. 

Of course, you can use whatever flavor of tea you like too. Other gut soothing and digestion types are mint, dandelion root, fennel,  and brands such as stomach ease, belly comfort.   And if you aren’t looking for gut soothing, choose another tea of your choice. They will all work nicely in this recipe. You can also add some spices too.

Infographic recipe for gut soothing gummies from

And picture those gummy bears or whatever shape you choose soothing your gut as you eat them. The power of visualization can help too!

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