This time of year, many people indulge more than they do normally. Richer foods and less healthy foods can lead to digestive issues and discomfort.  Be ready and have some ginger on hand to calm your digestive system.

Also, if you are taking some medications or having a treatment that causes nausea or digestive issues, ginger can be a great option.  It has a real warming sensation too, which can be quite comforting. 

There are several ways to eat ginger.  Here are my top five options to have at the ready:

1. Ginger tea

Keep a stash of ginger tea bags at home for when you need them. It can be ginger with lemon, or ginger alone, or some other combination.  This is a quick, simple, effective way to get the healing effects of ginger. Snuggle under a blanket with a warm cup of ginger tea and relax. A couple of my favorite brands are Traditional Medicinals Ginger  and Yogi Ginger.  Another alternative is to slice some fresh ginger root into a mug and steep it in hot water to make your own tea. 

2. Ginger Kombucha

This is my favorite option. Kombucha is a fermented tea. The bonus of using this as your source of gut soothing ginger is that the kombucha also contains probiotic bacteria and yeast. However, not everyone can tolerate fermented foods like kombucha, so if you haven’t tried it before, just try a small amount to start with.  Check the label too. Good kombucha is low in sugar as the fermentation process is all about the balance of bacteria and yeast which consume sugar. But some kombuchas have relatively high levels of sugar.  Look for those that have around 2g sugar rather than higher levels.  

3. Ginger root

If you are “tough” and love ginger, cut off a chunk of ginger root, scrap the peel away and chew it as it is.  Warming isn’t the word!  Swallow and then drink some water. It’s strong but very effective. 

4. Ground ginger

Add ground ginger as a spice to your food. There are lots of different ground gingers available. I actually tend to go for those called crushed ginger, as they tend to be a little stronger in flavor. Ground ginger is a great thing you can use for my idea of “yogurt as a vehicle” – just stir some into plain yogurt and enjoy. 

5. Pickled ginger

Try some of the pickled ginger you get with sushi. It’s something you can keep on hand in the fridge and it’s all ready for just eating. 

Ginger for digestion

Yes, there are other less healthy ways to eat ginger like gingerbread men, cookies, ginger candy – but with five good options above, try one of those first to keep your sugar intake down. Which one will you choose?

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