Here is a list of my five favorite things from this September. Maybe the changing seasons will encourage you to try some new things too. 

5 September favorites 


Houseplants from five favorite September productsHouseplants: This month we feel like we have transformed our home by simply adding a few houseplants to it. We chose generally small, inexpensive plants, from Home Depot, put them all in the same style pots and we love them. I’m amazed at how much this has changed the look of our room. Does your home need a quick inexpensive new look? 




Trying something new:

Enameling class photo from CALMERme.comTake a class: This month I tried an enameling class with my parents, on the first day they started their vacation with us. It was new to us all and yet we all really enjoyed it and came away with items that we could be proud of.   It felt great to concentrate on something different and creative. I different way of thinking and precision work with our hands. When was the last time you took a class and learned something new?




Research Paper worth reading:

Research worth reading from blog postResearch paper: Take a look at the paper “Harnessing the power of microbiome assessment tools as part of neuroprotective nutrition and lifestyle medicine interventions“, by Miguel Mateas, published earlier this year.  You can click on the “full-text” button to read the whole paper.  While you may not be interested in all the detail, I encourage you to take a look.

Figure 3 is a really useful tool I use with my clients that you may want to try.  It is a “50-food challenge”, looking at how many different foods you eat each week. Eating a wide variety, like 50 or more different foods, means you are getting a diversity of different micronutrients in your diet which will then also promote a diversity of different gut microbes too. Try it for yourself and count how many different foods you eat in a week. All too often I find people eat the same breakfast and lunch every day and only vary their main meal.  Try changing things up a bit and increasing the diversity of your diet.  Nourish those gut microbes. 


Dapple Dandy pluot from five favorite September products from CALMERme.comDapple Dandy: We’ve been trying new (to us) fruits from the farmer’s markets. We had some fabulous Dapple Dandy pluots from the Avila Valley Barn. Pluots are a combination of plums and apricots. Their flesh was such a pretty color. We used them as the base of a salad, as well as just on their own. Get out to the markets and try something new! It can delight visually as well through taste and smell. 




Tulsi ginger tea from CALMERme.comTulsi ginger: I’ve been enjoying Tulsi ginger tea this month.  I really am a fan of ginger but now also appreciate the calming effects of Tulsi. Organic India, the brand I like, also do a ginger turmeric tulsi and lemon ginger tulsi which I haven’t tried yet. What is your current tea flavor?





So what about you? Any highlights from your September? Have you done or tried something new this month? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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