As you are reading this on June 1st, I am moving house. Yes, today.  You should be here, giving a hand! Our new adventure begins. And as I move to a time of many “firsts”, I reflect on a month of many “lasts” and wonder what I can take from this.

We are leaving Sonoma County in Northern California and heading to the central coast of CA. We’ve sold our beautiful Birdland Vineyard home and will miss living here and all the wonderful experences and friends.  And all the birds and wildlife here too.

Tomorrow night we will be in our new home in Avila Beach, near San Luis Obispo. 

Month of lasts

This past month has been a month of many “lasts”. The last time singing at St Dominic’s, the last lunch with friends, the last family celebration at Birdland, the last bookclub gathering, my last time singing with Harold, the last wander through our vines, the last run up to the oak tree, the last night in our lovely home ….. 

And it got me thinking about how we can take some of those special “last” feelings and add a bit of them to the ordinary in our lives. Let me explain. 

First, Last, and Only

When you do something for the first time, there is that novelty factor that makes it special, even if it is something ordinary. When you do something for the last time, maybe there is that bittersweet feeling that something is over but it is memorable. If you get to do something only once, again, that moment is captured. 

But then you do something many times….  and do we lose that excitement? Does it all become a little mundane and ordinary? What about if we could add in some “first, last, and only” feeling to things in our daily lives?

For me, these “lasts” have been so precious. Times I will treasure. But when I did some similar things a couple of months ago or last year, not the last time, yes, I enjoyed them but maybe if I had been more present and aware, I would have appreciated them more.

Can we still appreciate the wonder and discover a genuine sense of joy in our every day lives? Can we pause as we do our day to day routines and have that awareness so we savor the moment? 

Children offer us a great example of this. They will see something they love and literally jump for joy. It is like the first time they’ve been on a train ride or on the swings, even though they’ve done it countless times before. 

Going forward

I will miss this beautiful part of the world. And I will miss so many people here. Thank you for your beautiful friendships. You have touched my life in incredible ways over these past 15 years. I treasure my memories. 

Now, I know my next few months will be a time of many firsts in our new home. So I’m going to try and hold onto those beautiful lasts I’ve just experienced, and the firsts to come, and keep that feeling of wonder even when things are no longer firsts or lasts. 

Can you live your life by sprinkling in a bit of that feeling of first, last, and only?

Let’s embrace life with renewed spirit and find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Will you join me to remember first, last, and only?

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