We are going to focus one of our CALMERme blog posts each week on a food specific post. We’ll do these every Friday and thus, here begins ‘Foodie Fridays’. This will typically be a recipe that relates to the other blog posts that week or could be short cooking tips etc. We hope you will give the recipes a try and enjoy them. Please let us know how you get on.

We start off with some great alliteration: Falafels for our first Foodie Friday! I hope you enjoy them. They relate to Ruth’s upcoming post on the importance of food texture that will be posted on Sunday. They demonstrate a ‘soft with bite’ texture as the outside is a little crispy and the inside is smooth.  These are a good food for our general health with lots of fiber and herbs, but also suitable for those with sore mouths, as it is soft.  


A great portable food you can enjoy hot or cold. Take it on a picnic, to work, or eat at home.

The falafels can be prepared in advance and cooked when needed, or leftovers can we warmed in the oven. The falafels freeze beautifully and thaw in just a few minutes, so don’t be afraid to make an extra batch to keep some on hand.

Try breaking some of the falafels into pieces and sprinkling on top of a salad.

What’s good about?

Instead of the usual deep-fried falafels, if baked, this recipe is oil-free – yet has the benefit of health omega 3 fats from the flaxseed.

Chickpeas are rich in protein and fibre and packed with vitamins and minerals including folate B vitamins, magnesium, iron and zinc.

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