Our fresh pomegranate season is short. It’s normally November through February. Pomegranates are one of the few fruits that we can’t get year round. Find out six different ways you can use pomegranates so you can reap their health benefits year round. 

I remember as a child, curling up in a seat at home armed with a pomegranate and toothpick. I’d patiently stab each of those seeds and eat them up. What about you? 

Nowadays I’m not so patient. I use the ‘cut in half and whack on the back with a rolling pin’ method to get the seeds out all at once!  But pomegranate season is just about done. Do we have to wait until November before we can enjoy them again?

We saw last week that pomegranates have many health benefits, including effects on atherosclerosis, so let’s explore how we can incorporate them into our diet when they are not in season.  Here are six options of how to use them – both fresh and in other forms.

Infographic of 6 ways to enjoy the health benefits of pomegranates from CALMERme.com

A couple of my favorites

My favorite brand of pomegranate powder is by Navitas. You can find it in stores or on Amazon. Try it in your smoothie or yogurt. Adds a pretty pink color too!

To make a salad dressing using pomegranate molasses, just mix a tablespoon with some lemon juice and a little olive oil. You can use the molasses on its own, drizzled on vegetables, grains, and other dishes too.  

Eating seasonally

I’m a great proponent of eating seasonally so it might surprise you that I am suggesting ways that we can eat pomegranates year round. Yes, tuning into seasonality and eating locally by shopping at farmer’s markets should be our foundation. But on top of that, we can add in some “specials” that have specific health benefits appropriate for us. For example, pomegranate if you have hypertension, or turmeric for inflammation. So keep that variety by eating seasonally, but then add in a few personalized nutrients from specific foods when you need them. 

Try a new food each week

As I’ve mentioned before, I encourage my clients to try a new food every week. You might think it’s difficult to find new things but I bet you haven’t tried a couple of these versions of pomegranates. Get out there and expand your taste buds! 

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