In Tuesday’s blog post, we learned about the Michael Ash paper on the benefits of stewed apples. If you’ve been watching Doctor in the House on BBC with Dr. Chattergee, this was one of the treatments that they used in the second series.

Here is an illustration of the stewed apple recipe that simplifies how to make a batch of stewed of apples to last several days. The infographic was created by Fx Medicine – another group that is worth checking out, based in Australia.  

Image of Fx medicine infographic recipe for stewed apples from

American considerations

In the US, we don’t have “cooking” apples per se – so chose a variety you enjoy – preferably organic.  Maybe you can switch varieties throughout the week. 

Resist simplifying this to just buying pre-prepared apple sauce (which uses over cooked apples that might result in diminished levels of some of the phytonutrients). We want the apple slices to still have some texture and distinct shape to them – not just mush!

The two stages – do them both

Start with the primary stage recipe for at least a week. You can continue with this for longer if necessary, but then make sure you “graduate” to the second phase with increased fiber,  probiotics, etc. 

Stewed Apple recipe paper

Here’s the link to the paper again: Is this the perfect functional meal for mucosal tolerance?

I highly recommend this simple therapeutic food. I’ve been using it for a few years with many of my clients and seeing clear benefits. 

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