Have you ever seen the movie The Big Blue?  I saw it many years ago after it was recommended to me by a dear German friend. It’s all about a competition for free-divers (who use no breathing equipment and just hold their breath) to see who can dive deeper.  While I’m not a free-diver, I am going to dive deeper this January to start off 2018. 

My deeper diving involves no ocean or water but is instead a strategy as I commit to not shopping this month. I know, no shopping sounds so pathetic in comparison to diving without oxygen!! But still…..

I’ve made the commitment that the only shopping I will do is for food and drink. Nothing else. No Mr. Amazon, even!  I already have so much. Why do I need to keep buying things? So instead of shopping, I’m going to dive deeper into what I already have. Here are some examples of my plan. 

Image of diver from CALMERme.comBooks

I love books and buy them frequently. They all tend to be on health-related topics. And of course, new books come out, or I read reviews or see recommendations and want to read the new thing. But this month, I won’t be buying any and am going to relook at the books I already have. There are some I never read. There are some I dipped into but didn’t read fully. So this month, instead of any new books, I’m going back to my shelves and picking up some books I never read or didn’t finish. 

The other type of books I like is cookbooks. But, probably like you, I tend to only make a mere handful of recipes from each book – if that. So I’m going to find some new recipes in my current books that I haven’t tried and give them ago. There are hundreds! Who needs a new cookbook? Not me. 

Image of diver from CALMERme.com


Probably even more popular than books for me is learning from webinars or education courses online. I have a list of new courses I’d love to take right now. But I’m going to resist and instead dive deeper into a fascinating course I started in 2017 and haven’t finished. It is incredible in its depth – and thus perfect for my “dive deeper” month. I really need to finish this one course before I can start on any others – and it will take me more than just January to do that. But that is going to be my focus.

Image of diver from CALMERme.com

Clothes and accessories

I have plenty of clothes and accessories. And lots of things I rarely wear – so definitely there is no need for anything more. I’ll dive deeper into the closet and will be pleasantly surprised, I am sure.  And if I’m not pleasantly surprised, I should get rid of it!

Image of diver from CALMERme.com

Hobbies, activities etc

The New Year is often a time for starting something new – and I’m generally up for that. A new hobby, a new sport, a new style. But why don’t I just try and get better at what I do currently instead of trying something new?  Why not keep practicing? For example, why take up something else when I rarely play the piano and it sits right there in my living room? I should get my music books out and start playing again. I already know it brings me pleasure. And there is soooooo much scope for improvement!

divers image from CALMERme.comSo will you join me? 

Fancy joining me in a no-shopping and dive deeper month? Think what we can achieve. And the money we’ll save. Then maybe the money can go to a non-profit instead of shopping when we already have plenty?

And tying it back to The Big Blue, the whole experience may well be breathtaking and a great adventure! Be my partner in deep dive January!  See what we learn. 

Let me know if you are on board. It would be more fun to dive together.

P.S. Yes, I do recommend you watch The Big Blue movie. Amazing cinematography. I loved it. 

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