Fancy adding a few extra nutrients to your guacamole recipe? Try this creamy avocado spinach dip.

It’s like a guacamole, but with added extras including spinach ( nutrient powerhouse) and hemp powder (optional, but provides extra fiber, omega 3 fats and protein).  I used the Navitas Hemp Powder.

Recipes as guides

As with most of my recipes, the amounts and even some ingredients are pretty flexible.  So you can skip the garlic, double up on the avocado, include the hemp powder or use hemp seeds instead, change the amount of lemon juice to taste, omit the olive oil……It’s such a versatile recipe, you’ll enjoy it however you make it.

And just so you know, I never follow recipes precisely (unless they are baking recipes) and rarely make them the same again.



Nutrition facts for creamy avocado spinach dip recipe from

Hope you like it. And let me know how you change it!




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