We have a cleaning system inside our bodies that works non-stop, every day to keep us healthy. But as with all cleaning systems, it needs the right equipment and supplies to do a good job. Today’s recipe for a chopped detox salad gives your body the equivalent of a good mop, soap, stain remover, and scrubber for a deep clean meal. 

A major part of this cleaning system is in the liver. It works hard to detoxify our bodies every day. And every meal, drink, and snack we have is a chance to give your liver and body the cleaning supplies it needs to prevent disease and optimize our health. 

Some people may have gene polymorphisms in some of their detox genes so they need even better “soap” or “stain-remover” equivalents otherwise the whole detox process can become sluggish and inefficient and toxins build up in the body and cause damage. 

Obviously, it’s important to try to limit our toxin exposure as much as we can in the first place, but we can’t escape it totally. So then our next line of defense should be making sure our detoxification genes, enzymes, and cofactors are all working well. This is where food and drink come in.

Chopped detox salad

Today’s salad has cruciferous vegetables as it’s base.  Recent blog posts have mentioned the different types of cruciferous veg and also how to prepare them and what effects they have on our body. The compounds produced by these veg can activate our detoxification genes and thus boost our removal of toxins. Many chronic illnesses are associated with compromised detoxification. 

This recipe chops the vegetables finely in a food processor.  This allows the myrosinase enzyme in the cruciferous veg time to react and thus the health-promoting compound sulforaphane can be formed.  

Chopped detox salad recipe

Infographic recipe for chopped detox salad to clean your body from CALMERme.com

Try out different versions of this salad and give some good cleaning supplies to your body. Remember, we need to detoxify every day so try and have this salad regularly, at least a few times a week. Prepping the veg in advance helps make this quick to assemble.  You can serve it with a variety of things, either as a side salad or as an entree. 

Let me know what your favorite version is. And think positive cleansing mop and bucket thoughts as you eat it! 

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