I’ve written a couple of times these past few weeks on the great nutritional value of liver as a food. It is an excellent source of vitamin A and methylation nutrients.  Today I share a chicken liver pate recipe with you.

Chicken livers tend to have a milder flavor than other liver. This makes this recipe perfect if you are new or a little wary of eating liver. If you like the flavor, use whatever liver you want – but for all choices, look for liver from pasture-raised animals without antibiotics and hormones. 

Many pate recipes use high levels of butter and cream which doesn’t work for dairy-free people. So this one uses yogurt instead. That way you can choose either a dairy version or a non-dairy version.  However, you will need to vary the amount you use depending on the thickness of your yogurt. Start with less and see how firm/soft the mixture is. The pate does thicken as it cools.

The most tricky part of dealing with liver is pulling off any other “bits” from the meat. My general rule is if something feels tough as I cut it – I cut that bit off. If you really don’t like it, ask your butcher to really clean it up for you first.

Infographic for chicken liver pate recipe for B vitamins and Vitamin A from CALMERme.com

Changing the recipe

Many people like to add a little alcohol to their pate. The flavor of the sherry or brandy adds a nice complexity. Adding it to the pan just as the liver is finishing cooking, means the alcohol burns off – leaving you with all the flavor. If you prefer, you can substitute it for apple cider vinegar instead. 

Depending on your yogurt, you can make this creamier or softer. For example, greek yogurt gives a lovely creamy, luscious texture. Other yogurts may be more mousse-like or not as solid.

Some people like to add a little bit of marmalade to their pate on toast.  Maybe worth a try?

I hope you’ll try this, enjoy it and bask in the glory of all those wonderful nutrients you’ve just eaten and how you are supporting your immune system and methylation.


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