Dehydrated broccoli?  Hmmm. Nutritional yeast instead of cheese? Probably not an instant choice…but don’t just dismiss it.  These cheezy broccoli bites taste good and are good for you!

I use my dehydrator a lot for fruit. When we have lots of apples from our trees, they are great to quickly slice with a mandoline and then dehydrate.

For veggies, they generally dehydrate into different “chips” such as kale chips and zucchini chips etc. But until recently, I hadn’t dehydrated broccoli.  I’ve seen some recipes refer to dehydrated broccoli as “chips” but to me, it doesn’t seem like a chip!  It’s a floret or a bite. 

So here is a broccoli floret recipe with a cheezy flavor. You can use a dehydrator if you have one or else just cook them at the low temperature in the oven if it will go that low – or else the lowest temperature it will do for a shorter period of time.

Infographic recipe for cheezy broccoli bites recipe from

The goodness of broccoli

The past few weeks I’ve been writing about cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and their potential health benefits through the sulforaphane they create when chopped.  This recipe is perfect for harnessing that sulforaphane.  Consuming cruciferous vegetables can help with our day to day detoxification and also help protect our cells.  Many of these beneficial effects come about because sulforaphane has direct action on our genes. This is an example of nutrigenomics – eating foods that can have beneficial genetic effects by switching on or off certain genes. 

The goodness of nutritional yeast

The sauce on these broccoli bites is made cheezy not through using cheese in the recipe, rather it is through the use of nutritional yeast. This is a powerful food, jam-packed with B vitamins. It is one of the best food sources of B vitamins. These are important for so many actions in our body including metabolism, methylation, energy production, etc. 

The taste of nutritional yeast is very similar to that of cheese. So you can sprinkle it on foods or use it in sauces for an alternative to cheese.  You’ll often see it used in vegan recipes. 

The goodness of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds in this recipe are also a good source of B vitamins, but additionally, they give us vitamin E, selenium, and magnesium. If you aren’t into sunflower seeds, you can swap them out for other nuts or seeds instead. I just made it with walnuts. Consider using something you don’t normally eat as then it gives you the benefit of a different nutrients. 

All that goodness! We should be eating these broccoli bites regularly. So go on, give ’em a try. You might well be pleasantly surprised!

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