Brussels Sprouts are a great winter vegetable. Here’s a way to use them for breakfast, brunch or lunch – as a hash with some eggs. 

On a rainy morning, there’s nothing like something warming to get you going. Maybe you don’t normally eat vegetables for breakfast or brunch, but here’s a nice easy way to give them a try. 

Of course, as I’ve mentioned previously, I like to include herbs and/or spices in my recipes as they have lots of healing activity. So here I’ve used a favorite – Rosemary. If you prefer you can add some heat to the dish using paprika or another of your favorite herbs or spices. 

Brussels sprouts seem to have lots of health benefits and you can see quite a good amount of research investigating this.  Research suggests they:

  • have cancer prevention activity
  • support detoxification in the body
  • have anti-inflammatory action
  • are anti-oxidants
  • supply digestive support through their fiber

You can find out more about their nutritional value from the World’s Healthiest Foods site.

And then there are the eggs too! Choose omega 3 organic eggs if you can. 

Anyhow, now you know how good the recipe is for you, here it is!

Brussels Sprouts Hash & Eggs

Recipe infographic for Brussels sprouts hash & eggs from CALMERme.comHope you try it soon while the Brussels are at their peak.

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