Prunes | Three other reasons to eat them, beyond the obvious.

Prunes have a reputation for getting things moving in the body i.e. supporting bowel habits! But don’t restrict eating them to just when you are constipated! They have other potential health benefits too.  […]

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Peppermint Sun Tea | Foodie Friday

Sun teas are new to me. I love the whole idea of them. Maybe you’ve tried them before? They are basically solar powered tea! […]

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Soothing peppermint five ways

Peppermint is a popular aromatic herb that we are all familiar with. Let’s look at a few ways we can use it, beyond enjoying mint candy (!), so we can make the most of soothing peppermint.  […]

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Overnight chia berry breakfast recipe | Foodie Friday

When I was in England last week, we went fruit picking. It was yummy! The strawberries at this time of year were small but sweet and tasty. As we always pick too many, I used some to make a chia berry breakfast. Take a look at the recipe. […]

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Use all your gears | Adapt to your terrain

How many gears do you use?  Not in cycling, but in life? […]

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Overnight chia banana breakfast recipe | Foodie Friday

A quick, easy breakfast that you can prepare the night before. Perfect for enjoying at home, this chia banana breakfast is also easily portable. See what you think. […]

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August five favorites | Products for the traveller

Here is a list of my five favorite products this August – heavily influenced by my trip to the UK, so they include some ideas for traveling and jetlag.  […]

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Banana pancakes recipe | 2 ingredient recipe

This simple two-ingredient pancake recipe is yummy. Just bananas and eggs. You can leave it at that or use some add-ins for different flavors. I often make it for guests with different dietary restrictions as it is gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar.   […]

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Schedule daily worry time

Are you a worrier? What if you designated a certain time in your day for worrying? Sounds a little odd, but it can actually help reduce that repetitiveness of worry throughout the day. Let’s look at how to do this. […]

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Carrot cake overnight oats recipe | Vegetables for breakfast

There is so much evidence on the health benefits of eating vegetables. I recommend to clients that they try to eat them at every meal. But breakfast can often be a stumbling block if you don’t like savory breakfasts or smoothies. One solution is this carrot cake overnight oats recipe. Give it a try. […]

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Larch Arabinogalactan | A dietary fiber with additional benefits

You probably haven’t heard of Larch Arabinogalactan (LA). But today, I’ll put that right as it is not only a good fiber source but it can also enhance the immune system. […]

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Grilled carrots with cumin yogurt | Foodie Friday

Summertime gets us outside grilling and barbecuing. It’s lovely to get out of the kitchen and socialize as you cook. But make sure you include plenty of vegetables too. They are particularly important with grilled foods.  […]

Changing habits | Improving the worst thing about your diet

Last week I wrote about how to change the worst thing about your diet. For me, the worst thing was not drinking enough water. So how did I get on? Read on to find out about my changing habits and what worked and what didn’t.  […]

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Cherry chia fresca drink recipe | Foodie Friday

Try this delicious drink with the bonus of fiber and omega 3 fats from chia seeds. If cherries aren’t your thing, just choose another fruit.  […]

What’s the best and worst thing about your diet?

I’ll often ask a client when we first meet what the best and worst thing is about their diet. It gives me information not only on their diet but also their understanding of nutrition.  So let’s ask ourselves today and then take the next step to do something about the worst thing.  […]

Six easy ways to use nori | Incorporating seaweed into your diet

Maybe the only way you have ever eaten nori or seaweed is as part of sushi.  But because sea vegetables, aka seaweeds, are such great sources of minerals, they deserve a regular place in our diet. So let’s look at six easy ways to use nori – the seaweed that comes as a dried sheet.  […]

What is the best exercise?

I am often asked the question “what is the best exercise for …..”.  Gosh, there are so many forms of exercise and so many different conditions or restrictions people have. But there is a simple answer. […]

Arame watercress salad recipe | Foodie Friday

If you haven’t used seaweed or sea vegetables before, this Arame watercress salad recipe is a nice easy way to start.  […]

Seaweed | The superfood you probably aren’t eating

I walk to the beach every day…and see the slippery, slimy, fly-infested seaweed on the beach and no, my tummy does not rumble!  It is not something I even think about eating. But I do regularly sprinkle kelp granules on my food. Let’s look at why we should be eating seaweed (but not straight off the beach!). […]

Flaxseed for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer (PCa) affects one in six men during their lifetime. While many incidences of PCa do not require surgery or radiation, it is still important to look at dietary factors that can impact the development and progression of PCa. In fact, dietary factors should be key components of active surveillance programs for PCa. Today, let’s look at some research behind flaxseed for prostate cancer.  […]

Are you a human being or a human doing?

It’s all too easy to focus on doing things. We have our lists whether they are written on paper, our computer/phone, or in our heads, and we need to get things done….but what about time for being? […]

Cheezy broccoli bites recipe | Dehydrated broccoli with a crunch

Dehydrated broccoli?  Hmmm. Nutritional yeast instead of cheese? Probably not an instant choice…but don’t just dismiss it.  These cheezy broccoli bites taste good and are good for you! […]

Sulforaphane from frozen or cooked cruciferous vegetables | Sharing myrosinase

We want the biggest bang for our efforts. And that goes for our healthy eating too. Many people aren’t keen on eating veg, so if they are making the effort, we want to make sure they get the maximum goodness out of them. Find out how to do that with cooked cruciferous vegetables.  […]

Chopped detox salad | A deep-clean meal for your body

We have a cleaning system inside our bodies that works non-stop, every day to keep us healthy. But as with all cleaning systems, it needs the right equipment and supplies to do a good job. Today’s recipe for a chopped detox salad gives your body the equivalent of a good mop, soap, stain remover, and scrubber for a deep clean meal.  […]

The power of nutrigenomics | Maximize sulforaphane production from your vegetables

Sulforaphane is formed from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and has many potential benefits on the body.  But how we prepare our vegetables can impact the amount of sulforaphane created. Let’s look at how to maximize sulforaphane production from our veggies. […]

Broccoli hummus recipe | A scoop of sulforaphane

Scoop up that beneficial sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables with this broccoli hummus recipe!  Instead of chickpeas, it uses broccoli and zucchini. […]

The power of nutrigenomics | Sulforaphane from Cruciferous vegetables

We’ve all heard that eating broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and other cruciferous vegetables is good for us, but let’s look further into how these vegetables can be beneficial. It’s a fascinating journey into the nutrigenomic potential of sulforaphane.  […]

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Tulsi tea truffles recipe | Foodie Fridays

In Tuesday’s blog post I mentioned Tulsi tea being likened to liquid yoga. Today here is a recipe for making truffles using Tulsi tea leaves. It can also be adapted to other types of tea. […]

Can I interest you in a cup of liquid yoga aka Tulsi tea or Holy Basil tea?

You may have heard of Tulsi or Holy Basil. It is an aromatic herb from the Basil family used within Ayurveda.  Scientific research is now confirming it’s beneficial effects,  leading it to be known as “liquid yoga”. Let’s find out why.  […]

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Quickest nut milk recipe | Enjoy a variety of nut milks

Just run out of almond milk? Or you went to the local store and they didn’t have any? Here is the quickest nut milk recipe that may change your buying habits in the future. […]

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