I frequently suggest to my clients that they try a new food every week. You may think you’ve tried everything but look around. Or go to another store or farmers market and see what they have.  This week I tried black radish and I share a couple of simple recipes I tried.

We get into habits with our food which can result in us not eating that much variety.  Having the idea of trying a new food every week expands our choices and may excite your taste buds too.  Think of it as something playful. Just give something different a try. It doesn’t really matter if you like it or not – its just one meal or snack. 

Maybe you see something and you don’t know what to do with it or how to prepare and cook it.  Just head over to Pinterest and type in the item plus recipe and you’ll get some great visual ideas along with recipes. As with all my recipes, you can adapt what you find to suit your taste. 

Black Radish

Black radish is a winter radish and one of the few black foods we have. Remember my posts about Beluga lentils? Another great black food. Finding black foods means you can extend your ‘eat a rainbow a day’ to include the color black!  And the black color signifies they are a good source of anthocyanins – the antioxidants found in dark berries like blackberries. 

But radishes are also a member of the cruciferous vegetable family, also called Brassicas – along with broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, arugula, cauliflower etc. While they contain plenty of different vitamins and minerals, an important component is the glucosinolate compounds they contain. Glucosinolates are converted to sulforaphane, which seems to show cancer prevention activity. So eating black radish is another way to get your daily sulphoraphane.

Black Radish Recipes

These two recipes are simple food combinations.  You could use them with normal radish – but the blackness adds to the visual appeal as it is more unusual. Black radishes are large – more like sweet potato size than red radish size.  You can use them as you would any radish – but here are a couple of options. If they are too strong in flavor for you, follow the option below of letting them sit in salt for a while first which creates a milder taste. If you don’t like regular radish – you probably won’t like these either!  But I think they are worth a try – especially for their good color contrast. 

Infographic of two simple recipes using black radish from CALMERme.com

So what new food will you try this week? Next time you are in the grocery store or farmers market, look around for something different, like a black radish.  And then keep doing it each week. Let’s expand our diet and get the benefits of a wide range of nutrients. 

Photo of Black radish stacks recipe from CALMERme.com

Photo of black radish salad from CALMERme.com

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