This simple two-ingredient pancake recipe is yummy. Just bananas and eggs. You can leave it at that or use some add-ins for different flavors. I often make it for guests with different dietary restrictions as it is gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar.  

After a sleepover with the grandchildren this week, I came home to find some overripe bananas in the kitchen. Time to make banana pancakes. I tend to make this recipe quite regularly when I am in the UK, but seldom in the US. Not quite sure why…but here I am in the UK so it’s banana pancake time to use up those mushy bananas. 

This recipe doesn’t use flour. This means the pancakes are a little more delicate than flour pancakes so care is needed when flipping them, but they are still easy to make. 

As with all my recipes, there is lots of flexibility here for you to enjoy their simplicity as they are, or add in your favorite ingredients. The recipe offers some ideas for add-ins and toppings, but see what you come up with and what you have in the cupboard. 

The recipe is easy to downsize or upsize and if you don’t use all the batter one day, it will save in the fridge.

Infographic for banana pancakes recipe from

Think of me eating them this Bank Holiday weekend! 

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