With my lovely stash of persimmons, I thought I’d try something different. Persimmon pasta.  This recipe roasts the persimmons (Sharon fruit) first, then adds them to a pasta dish with some kale and lemon juice. The gentle sweetness is a nice addition. See what you think.

While you may associate persimmons with overly sweet dishes, such as persimmon pudding and persimmon bread the fruit itself isn’t that sweet. It’s just that those types of recipes tend to go overboard on added sugar. Because they aren’t  a particularly sweet fruit they work well in both savory and sweet dishes. As you think of different ways to use them, think of how you might use apples. 

Infographic for recipe for autumnal persimmon pasta from CALMERme.com


Make it your own

As with all my recipes, you can change things around. You could add some chicken to the pasta, or chickpeas, but I was very happy with it as it is. Or switch out the kale for another vegetable. Play around with it or just incorporate the idea of roasted persimmons into one of your other pasta favorites to change that up a bit. 

I tried a new-to-me fresh gluten-free pasta for this dish and it was delicious. It was made by RPs pasta company. I found it in Petaluma. My gluten eating husband thought it was the nicest gluten free pasta he had eaten. Took only 3 minutes to cook. Yum.

I hope you’ll give it a try. Now I need to replenish my persimmon stock……..

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