Here is a list of my five favorite products this August – heavily influenced by my trip to the UK, so they include some ideas for traveling and jetlag. 

August five favorites 

August's favorite products Epsom salts from CALMERme.comProduct:

Epsom salts – These could go on my list every month, but specifically this month, a long soak in an Epsom salts bath has helped me get to sleep after traveling and jet lag.  It is so relaxing. If you don’t have a bath or don’t like baths, use them in a foot bath instead. 


August's favorite product Readisorb melatonin from CALMERme.comSupplement:

Readisorb melatonin – Again, with a long flight from California to the UK, this melatonin spray worked wonders to help me adjust my circadian rhythm. One spray under the tongue and my transition to UK time was really smooth. I use it on the plane and then for the next few nights to adjust.




August's favorite things Circadian Code book from CALMERme.comBook:

 The Circadian Code: Lose weight, supercharge your energy, and transform your health from morning to midnight, by Satchin Panda  – I read this before traveling. It’s full of lots of easy tips to improve your sleep. I love Satchin Panda’s work and have blogged about him before. If you are interested, there are lots of podcasts of interviews with him since his book came out a couple of months ago. I listened to one recently on Zestology.



Augusts favorite things redcurrant from CALMERme.comFood:

Redcurrants. I love redcurrants, but I never see them in the US. I start my day with berries and since I’ve been in the UK, redcurrants have been part of that. They look so pretty and just taste delicious – a little tart, but yummy. Maybe as I plan my new garden I’ll have to see if I can grow redcurrants too. They are in the same family as gooseberries, another fruit I can’t get in the US but adore – but we were a bit late in England for gooseberries. Redcurrants more than made up for it though. If you can find or grow redcurrants, give them a try – low in sugar and high in Vitamin C.


August's favorite things peppermint tea from CALMERme.comTea:

Peppermint tea. Again, heavily influenced by my travels,  peppermint tea has been one of my supporters. I eat differently in the UK. As we catch up with family and friends, we eat out far more than I normally do – so having some peppermint tea has helped my digestion.  It seems that peppermint tea is quite the thing in the UK now. No tea bags – just fresh peppermint tea from mint leaves. Dinner and lunch both end with peppermint tea. 

What about you? Any highlights for your August? Something you’ve enjoyed or benefited from specifically this month? Do share with us. 

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