I vividly remember learning to juggle. I was staying with my sister and got chickenpox and felt too ill to drive home. So I spent my days learning to juggle. In my case, being ill made me learn to juggle. But more often, it’s the other way around. Trying to juggle too much can make us ill.

So what is your juggling like in your life? Are you trying to keep too many balls in the air all the time? 

Yes, juggling with two balls is pretty easy. Maybe you can even do it with one hand. Add a third and it takes a bit more concentration and effort. Add a fourth and …..

Infographic about juggling to much in life from CALMERme.com

Juggling with others

Maybe some of your juggling is with someone else. You have to pass the ball not only up in the air, but also back and forth to another person too. So part of your juggling skill is monitoring how your fellow juggler is coping right now too. If both of you tune into each other and all that you are dealing with, that flexibility and balance will come into play more readily.

Tune-in to when you are juggling too much

Pressure and stress can quickly take a toll on our body if they become chronic. We are designed to deal with short-term stress, but if it continues, then we are much more prone to disease. 

So tune-in and monitor what you can handle. Carefully place some balls on the ground as necessary, knowing you can pick them up again when needed.  

We all know this stuff. We just forget to pay attention.  And then suddenly we are ill and we recognize it. Better to get in the habit of tuning in and then we can make changes before we get sick. 

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