If you haven’t used seaweed or sea vegetables before, this Arame watercress salad recipe is a nice easy way to start. 

On Tuesday’s blog, I wrote about some of the reasons we should be including seaweed in our diet.  I suggested the simplest way is to use kelp granules like a salt alternative, to sprinkle on your food. Today, we’ll look at how to use the seaweed Arame.

Arame sea vegetable

Arame is a very distinctive looking seaweed. It is like a bunch of tiny black sticks in its dehydrated form or more like short pieces of black string when rehydrated. It has a semi-sweet flavor.  You buy it dehydrated and soak in water before use. 

It is very versatile and can be eaten raw, sprinkled on salads, used as a vegetable in salads or cooked and used in stir-frys, with rice, etc.  On soaking, it doubles in volume. 

Arame Watercress Salad

This recipe uses raw arame so just a short soak to rehydrate and throw the ingredients together.  Eat and enjoy it,knowing you are getting a good amount of iodine, manganese, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 

Infographic recipe for arame watercress salad from CALMERme.com

Another salad recipe, this time with kale, is in the Ceres cookbook and online.  I was the client manager for  Ceres, Sonoma for a couple of years and we made this quite regularly. But a lot of people struggle with eating kale so my recipe is an easier introduction to arame, IMHO! 

Let me know if you give it a try. And if you don’t fancy this recipe, just top your favorite salad with some rehydrated arame instead. 

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