This is a quick three-ingredient dish that is perfect any time of the day. I eat it for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, ….you get the picture. Let’s get making it.

My AHA moment came after I tried a well-known dish from the Thermomix world – CADA (coconut, apple, dates, and almonds). A Thermomix is the “world’s smallest, smartest, kitchen.” Basically, it’s a food processor that cooks, steams, and does lots of other things too. They are popular in the Europe and Australia but have only recently, after many, many years, been available in the US. (But they are expensive – yet very versatile.) Anyhow, I have one and CADA is a quick staple dish I make in it – but any food processor will work. 

I wanted a healthier version with less sweetness and some omega 3 fats – and thus I had my AHA moment! Apple, hemp seeds, and almonds. 

I don’t measure or weigh the components as it isn’t important. So be brave and just follow the simple handful guide. It’s quick and easy.


One apple, cored

Handful of almonds

Handful of hemp seeds

(Choose organic for all of them, if you can). Serves 1.

Thermomix version

Add all the ingredients into the TM bowl (the work bowl of the processor). Pulse on turbo a couple of times (just for about a second) to a consistency you like. You don’t want mush – the mix should consist of little pieces, not tiny crumbs. 

Standard food processor version

Add the almonds to the food processor and chop using the pulse feature until the nuts are in small pieces. Add the apple, roughly cut and the hemp seeds and gently pulse a couple of times.


You want the resulting mix to still have little identifiable pieces in it, so be careful not to over process. And when you eat it, you’ll enjoy the real crunch and bite to it from the almonds. It looks like it’s going to be mush, but it isn’t.

Make it yours

Version of CADA snack apples, hemp seed and almonds from CALMERme.comThere are many ways you can eat AHA.  I tend to add yoghurt to the top of mine and a bit of cinnamon.

And once you’ve made it with just the basic three ingredients, you’ll have lots of your own AHA moments – adding different ingredients too such as spices, dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds (especially flax seeds), oats, bee pollen, quinoa flakes…. I love adding ginger to it – either dried or fresh. 

You can also add some protein powder to it, as it’s moist enough to soak it up or empty your probiotic capsule in there. 

Give it a try and let me know how you made it yours! When was your AHA moment?Was it breakfast or a snack or?

Then give CADA a try, and some other versions – basically apple plus almonds plus….

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