Maybe you have been trying different approaches to restore your health or optimize your health. but it hasn’t quite paid off yet. Don’t give up. Consider a boat with many anchors. 

I love the analogy of a boat with many anchors for how we restore our health. If we raise just one anchor, little may change. If we raise two, maybe we still don’t get much progress. How many do we need to raise? All of them or maybe most of them before, in good conditions, we start making progress? 

And does it matter which order we raise those anchors? Are some anchors bigger than others thus have a greater impact?

Take a look at the infographic below and consider what might be your biggest anchors. 

Infographic showing a boat with many anchors as an analogy to restoring health from

Let’s consider the person who is illustrated in the above infographic. Looks like something is going on in their environment that is having a big impact. Maybe it’s mold exposure at home or toxins in their workplace that is making them really quite sick. The environment is such a big anchor that even if they clean up their diet and try some stress reduction, until they address their environment, they may not feel better. Similarly, it could be that their genes have polymorphisms or are “dirty genes” and aren’t very efficient at detoxifying their environment. However, that first step still needs to be changing the environment and when the exposure is less, maybe the genes can cope.  Go for the largest anchor first and you’ll see the biggest gains. 

Get personal

Why don’t you draw your own boat and anchors? Do you have some personal anchors that are different from the boat above? Can you tell which are your biggest anchors that you need to work on first?  If you can’t figure it out on your own, work with a health care professional so you can make the best progress. Get raising those anchors and optimize health.

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