Understanding cancer clinical trials: questions to ask

In the fourth of our mini-series on cancer clinical trials, we’ll take a look at the questions you should ask the research team before deciding to enroll in a clinical trial. Obviously, the questions to ask will be specific to the trial or trials you are considering, but we hope that this blog post will help you formulate them.  […]

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Understanding cancer clinical trials: finding trials

In our first two blog posts on the subject of cancer clinical trials, we’ve given an outline of what a clinical trial is and the phases involved. If you have decided that you would like to investigate a little further, this blog post focuses on how you can find clinical trials that are suitable for you. […]

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Understanding cancer clinical trials: Phases of trials

Following on from our blog post on the general introduction to clinical trials, today we will look at the different phases of clinical trials. […]

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Understanding cancer clinical trials: General facts

Your oncologist may, at some stage in your treatment plan, suggest that you look at enrolling in a cancer clinical trial. This might be something you haven’t thought about before and perhaps you don’t understand what trials involve. Our next few blog posts will be a mini-series all about clinical trials including the questions you should ask and consider before enrolling. […]

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Sing for joy – and our health: Benefits in immunity and stress reduction

A study published last week found that singing in a choir for just one hour boosts immunity, reduces stress, and improves mood in cancer patients. Let’s get singing!  […]

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The “E” word

E X E R C I S E! Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that every health-related document I read talks about how exercise can improve your health, increase your longevity, reduce your stress levels, and minimize side effects [...]

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Sweet Broccoli juice

You’ve probably had your share of orange juice, apple juice, and even carrot juice. Sweet, yummy, and so tasty. Vegetable juices are a bit different though. They’re usually made from a blend of vegetables with a little fruit added. If you’re new to vegetable juices, this is an excellent transitional juice and a great place to start.  […]

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What knowing your lemons can teach you about breast cancer

The non-profit group Worldwide Breast cancer has developed some really useful visuals to help educate women about breast cancer. They chose visuals so as to not rely on words to avoid literacy issues and also language issues for multicultural audiences. But selecting the right visual was very difficult too. […]

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Juicing – a good thing

One possible side effect of chemotherapy is a loss of appetite. The appetite loss can be due to other possible side effects of treatment, such as nausea, general fatigue, or mouth sores. Whatever the reason, it can leave you with [...]

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Imagine a hug

Sit back, relax, and take a couple of minutes with this blog post. You’ll be glad you did. Take a couple of deep slow breaths. […]

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What’s in a name? Why I chose CALMERme

In the launch of my website and blog, I made the decision to change the name.  I know there is lots of opinion out there saying that this isn’t necessarily a good idea when you already have a following, but the way I work now – and my goals for the site – have changed, and so the name needed to change too. So why CALMERme? […]

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Getting your body and mind ready for surgery

I read an interesting paper published this year [1] entitled “Can we measure surgical resilience?” It is just a hypothesis at this stage, but the authors are looking at whether there are biomarkers in patients that can measure psychological resilience associated with improved surgery recovery and healing. […]

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Vitamin D levels and breast cancer prognosis: the importance of testing

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that our bodies can produce when our skin is exposed to the sunlight.   We can also get it from some foods such as fish, fish oil (especially cod liver oil), and eggs.  It is considered a hormonal vitamin because there are receptors for vitamin D in the body. […]

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The stages of change: strategies for consistent life-long behavior changes

We all know that change doesn’t just happen.  Changing behaviors is not easy. And when we aren’t successful, we can feel like we’ve failed and didn’t have the will-power to make changes.   […]

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Spicy Carrot Dip recipe: creamy and zippy

Some friends came round recently and I served them one of my favorite dips with some poppadoms.  Mary asked for the recipe of the dip, so rather than just send it to her, I thought I’d share it here. […]

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The power of community as medicine

Last week I described how researchers use a computerized cyberball game to look at what happens in the brain when people feel isolated and rejected.  It was powerful to see that after just a couple of minutes of being excluded [...]

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Book Review: When breath becomes air

I rarely sit and read books nowadays. I read many scientific papers, and textbooks, but for general reading, I tend to use Audible to listen to books as I'm driving or walking.  But yesterday I sat down and read Paul [...]

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Considering social isolation and how it can affect our health

An online game called cyberball is helping researchers look at the effects of social isolation on health. At UCLA, researchers look at the brains of participants while they play cyberball to determine what goes on in the brain when someone feels rejection and isolation. So what exactly is cyberball? […]

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A new model of breast cancer causation

I attended the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) conference on Monday in San Francisco.  The first presenter, Robert Hiatt, presented a model of breast cancer  (BC) causation that they had created, funded by CBCRP. The model looks at factors affecting causation of postmenopausal BC.  They are now working on a similar model for premenopausal BC. Lets take a closer look at their model, shown above. […]

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Understanding “risk” in cancer research – what does the percentage risk really mean?

Knowing what you can do to decrease your risk of cancer or recurrence is important.  But it’s also good to know how much something like eating more broccoli or drinking less alcohol can actually lower your risk. Likewise, if you are considering treatment, it’s good to know by how much a certain chemotherapy can reduce your risk of recurrence.  So what do these risk terms mean? […]

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Flax bread recipe – sweet or savory, quick and easy, gluten free

This is a great loaf to have on hand as a breakfast bread, a mid-morning snack, or an afternoon treat. Sugar-free (unless you add your own), this is a versatile loaf that can be made sweet or savory. This recipe uses [...]

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Should I avoid soy? What does the research really say?

Last week I posted a recipe for making homemade soy yogurt.  Delicious, with no added sugar and it takes only two minutes of your time to make.  But many women have read that they should, or have been instructed to, avoid soy or soya if they have a history of estrogen receptor positive (ER+ve) breast cancer. So why did I post that recipe?  Let’s look at what the latest research shows… […]

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Soy yogurt recipe — just two minutes, two ingredients and no added sugar

I love this fast two ingredient dairy free yogurt recipe. Its taken a few iterations to get it right and so fast. I was using 3 ingredients and taking more time, but I credit the Healthy Librarian for getting it down [...]

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Lifestyle Medicine — What is it and what can it do for me?

The Institute for Lifestyle Medicine defines Lifestyle Medicine as: "the evidence-based practice of assisting individuals and their families to adopt and sustain behaviors that can improve health and quality of life." Multiple behaviors fall into the category of Lifestyle Medicine (LM). In this [...]

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