Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber

We frequently consider sleep as a waste of time. We are too busy. Gosh, by the age of 90, on average we will have slept 32 years! Our minds automatically question what else we could have done with that time. So what does the latest research tell us about why we sleep?  […]

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Detoxification every day, not just in January

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), of which I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist, have released the above infographic/poster about detoxification.  Perfect timing, as many people think January is the month for detox.  But, hang on a minute.  We need more than a blitz of detox in January. As the poster suggests, we should be focusing on detoxifying every single day. […]

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1% Challenge – 30-day online mindfulness program

eMindful currently has a challenge for you.  Take just 1% of each day for 30 days and learn/practice mindfulness.  1% amounts to just 14 minutes. Are you up for the challenge? […]

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Websites to check | zerobreastcancer.org

Zero Breast Cancer (Zerobreastcancer.org), or ZBC, is a non-profit organization based in Marin County, California. Both Kathie and I write a book review blog post for them once a month. But we haven't spoken much about them on our own blog...so [...]

Put a little green in your life

According to the Pantone Color Institute (PCI), the color green will be everywhere in 2017. Pantone 15-0343 – a specific shade of green said to evoke the first days of spring. Indeed, the PCI has named 15-0343 (also called "Greenery") as the [...]

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Kara | Guided meditations for cancer patients

You know I’m one for acronyms, what with the name CALMERme, and our programs for clients -CAPABLEme and RESTOREDme. So when I heard about the website named KARA, I wanted to check it out. KARA, the acronym, stands for Kindness, Awareness, Rest and Allowing. But what is it? […]

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New Year Resolutions…don’t fall into the trap!

There have been plenty of Decembers when I’ve made resolutions about things I’m going to change “in the new year.” But I don’t do that anymore… […]

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Zinc | For more than just the common cold

During this cold and flu season, you might hear a recommendation that at the first sign of a cold, you should take a zinc lozenge to help ward off the common cold. But are you aware of all the other things that zinc is important for in the body? It’s a powerhouse! […]

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Finding time for the good stuff

Laura Vanderkam has some great advice in this TEDtalk. It’s all about how we use our free time. There are lots of great snippets in here – give it a watch.  […]

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Selenium: the small but mighty mineral

Selenium is considered a trace mineral – meaning we need only very small amounts. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. We want to avoid selenium deficiency, but a little goes a long way and does a lot of good. […]

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Book Review | Dig In Your Heels

Dig In Your Heels | The glamorous (and not so glamorous) life of a young breast cancer survivor This blog post first appeared on Zero Breast Cancer - zerobreastcancer.org - where I am a guest blogger. (Be sure to check [...]

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Humming through the holidays | 3 top stress busters

While we all picture the holidays and Christmastime to be happy times, they can also be quite stressful. So here are three of the simplest things you can do to help you relax at this time of year…and you might end up using them forever! My favorite is humming. […]

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Pumpkin Seed Butter | Foodie Friday

Pumpkin seed butter? Trust me, it isn't as weird as it might sound, and it's a powerhouse of goodness. Ruth’s recent post about magnesium might have been an eye-opener for you...magnesium deficiency is associated with seven of the top nine causes [...]

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Magnesium – the low cost mineral with multiple health benefits

Magnesium is one of my favorite minerals. Might seem a funny thing to say, but magnesium is so important for our health, yet approximately 50% of us don’t get the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of it in our diet. This means that for many, a little supplementation can go a long way to quickly improve symptoms. Magnesium is involved with more than 350 different enzyme reactions in the body, and virtually every system in the body needs magnesium to function.  […]

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A Laughter Box | The perfect gift for someone who is ill

Tuesday’s post gave some healthy holiday gift ideas that I hope caught your eye. Today, I want to focus on just one gift that is a lovely idea for someone who is ill. Whether it is a family member or friend, whether they have cancer or some other chronic illness, or maybe it’s someone who finds the holidays especially hard, why not consider putting together a laughter box for them…   […]

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Healthy holiday gift ideas

Tis the season! For giving and receiving…sharing and caring…eating too much and then having regrets… But take a look at these healthy holiday gift ideas for you to give (or receive) that will keep you feeling great. […]

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Websites to check | mytavin.com

I recently came across a website that is baby-simple to navigate, serves up focused results, and is a fabulous resource – especially if you’re taking any kind of medication. The site is mytavin.com (to pronounce it, think vitamin (said the American way), but swap the m and v). The site came into being after its author, Dr. Jeffrey Gladd MD, learned of drug-induced vitamin and mineral deficiency. […]

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The importance of minerals for our health | Avoiding mineral deficiencies

Maybe you take a multivitamin pill everyday – in which case, good for you! But does your pill also contain good levels of minerals? Why does our body need minerals? Are they important? How can you tell if you have mineral deficiencies? […]

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Websites to check | whfoods.com

Here’s another post in our series of websites to check, this time focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables. Is broccoli more nutritious than kale? Can kale be eaten raw, or is it more nutritious when cooked? How is it best cooked? These questions and many more are answered on the amazing site that is run by the George Mateljan Foundation… […]

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Melatonin’s anti-estrogenic effects | Melatonin and cancer

We’ve looked at some studies that showed significant effects of melatonin on cancer and quality of life, but how does melatonin  achieve this? There are several different mechanisms, but today we will focus on just one: melatonin’s anti-estrogenic effects. This might be important for breast cancer (BC) and other hormonal imbalances.  […]

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Cherry walnut squares | Foodie Friday

It’s the holidays. You know you’re likely to over-indulge and be naughty…but when you eat these chocolate-y cherry walnut squares, you can be guilt-free! […]

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Chronobiology |Timing matters for melatonin & chemotherapy

We’ve seen in previous blog posts that melatonin can have anti-cancer effects. But when should we give melatonin? Should it just be at night or can we give it during the day? Does timing matter? If so, should we consider the timing of other treatments too? […]

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Websites to check | ewg.org

Information! It’s everywhere, and is one of the few things that isn’t in danger of going extinct in the 21st century. Every day, we’re subjected to a constant stream of information, some of it good, some of it not so good. How do you tell the difference? Here’s a site that can remove some of the guesswork… […]

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Personalized nutrition – instead of the best diet for humans

A significant amount of what we read about diets in the media and science literature focuses on searching for the best diet that will serve us all. The focus is on the foods. Should it be paleo, pescatarian, high starch, vegan…? Yet we all know, deep down, that one size doesn’t fit all. We are all different. So why don’t we focus on the person instead of the food? One new company is helping us shift our thinking. […]

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Websites to check | Nutritionfacts.org

If you haven’t come across Dr Michael Greger and his videos on health and nutrition – you should check out his website Nutritionfacts http://nutritionfacts.org/. […]

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The Blue Zones Solution | Book review

The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner from National Geographic was one of my favorite health books from last year. It’s inspiring subtitle is “Eating and living like the world’s healthiest people”  Dan’s research reveals how the world’s longest-lived people actually live their lives. It’s all about adding life to years, not just years to life.  […]

Colonoscopy — is it on your bucket list?

I know, you’re thinking “How could having a colonoscopy be on anyone’s bucket list??? Ugh!” But after I thought about it for a few minutes, it was an obvious choice to add to mine, right next to visiting Stonehenge and learning how to play the piano. (Trip accomplished, piano being tortured on a daily basis…) […]

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Melatonin for palliative care | Melatonin & cancer

Melatonin is seen to have anti-cancer effects, as we saw in last week’s blog post.  In addition to those benefits, it may also have other effects which could be useful in palliative care of cancer patients, when there are no other treatment options.  […]

Practically instant minestrone | Foodie Friday

This big pot of soup almost makes itself, it’s so quick from start to finish! Wonderful minestrone, that great cool-weather standby… […]

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Melatonin and cancer | Using melatonin with chemotherapy

There are over 2,000 scientific publications on melatonin and cancer. Some of these are laboratory studies, but there are also many human studies. So what do the results show? Let’s look today at whether melatonin can help when combined with chemotherapy. […]

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