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1% Challenge – 30-day online mindfulness program

A laughter box

A new model of breast cancer causation

Alternatives to colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening

Book review: A modern way to eat | Foodie Friday

Book review: Bald is better with earrings

Book review: Children’s books about maternal cancer | A mom of many hats

Book review: Children’s books about maternal cancer | Nowhere Hair

Book review: Dig In Your Heels

Book review: When breath becomes air

Cancer biomarkers worth following | Coagulation

Cancer biomarkers worth following | Vitamin D

Change in season | Vegetables for autumn and fall

Changes in food taste | How to eat during chemo

Chronobiology | Timing matters for melatonin and chemotherapy

Colonoscopy – is it on your bucket list?

Considering social isolation and how it can affect our health

Could you benefit from time restricted eating?

Detoxification every day, not just in January

Does sugar feed cancer? | What happens in the cells

Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber

Finding time for the good stuff

Five strategies to improve insulin resistance | Cancer prevention

Food hygiene and safety | How to eat during chemo

Food presentation | How to eat during chemo

Food temperature | How to eat during chemo

Getting your body and mind ready for surgery

Healthy holiday gift ideas

How to measure blood glucose levels | Sugar

Humming through the holidays

Imagine a hug

Importance of food texture | How to eat during chemo

Improving lymph circulation to support immunity

Juicing – a good thing

Kara – Guided meditations for cancer patients

Lifestyle Medicine – What is it and what can it do for me?

Magnesium – The low cost mineral with multiple health benefits

Melatonin and cancer | How we make it and how it helps

Melatonin and cancer | Using melatonin with chemotherapy

Melatonin for palliative care | Melatonin & cancer

Melatonin’s anti-estrogenic effects | Melatonin & cancer

Movies boost natural killer cells | Immune system

My summer favorites | Foodie Friday

New Year Resolutions…don’t fall into the trap!

Oncotype DX & Coloprint for prostate and colon cancer

Personalized nutrition – instead of the best diet for humans

Put a little green in your life

Selenium: the small but mighty mineral

Should I avoid soy? What does the research really say?

Should I avoid sugar if I have cancer?

Should I measure blood glucose levels if I’m not diabetic?

Sing for joy – and our health: Benefits in immunity and stress reduction

Skin Deep and Think Dirty | Apps for your health

Strategies for meal times | How to eat during chemo

Storm in a coffee cup | Should we be drinking coffee?

Taking tiny steps, making them count

Tests to help with treatment decisions | Breast cancer

The “E” word

The Blue Zones Solution | Book review

The importance of minerals for our health | Avoiding mineral deficiencies

The importance of relationships | The gift of full attention

The power of community as medicine

The stages of change: strategies for consistent life-long behavior changes

Try forest bathing to support your immune system

Twelve strategies for dealing with nausea and vomiting

Understanding “risk” in cancer research – what does the percentage risk really mean?

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Ask yourself

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Finding trials

Understanding cancer clinical trials: General facts

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Phases of trials

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Questions to ask

Using reminders to help us change our habits

Vitamin D levels and breast cancer prognosis: the importance of testing

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Websites to check |

Websites to check |

Websites to check |

Websites to check |

What and how to eat during chemotherapy

What knowing your lemons can teach you about breast cancer

What’s in a name? Why I chose CALMERme

Zinc | For more than just the common cold

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