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1% Challenge – 30-day online mindfulness program

A laughter box

A new model of breast cancer causation

Alternatives to colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening

Book review: A modern way to eat | Foodie Friday

Book review: Bald is better with earrings

Book review: Children’s books about maternal cancer | A mom of many hats

Book review: Children’s books about maternal cancer | Nowhere Hair

Book review: Dig In Your Heels

Book review: When breath becomes air

Cancer biomarkers worth following | Coagulation

Cancer biomarkers worth following | Vitamin D

Change in season | Vegetables for autumn and fall

Changes in food taste | How to eat during chemo

Chronobiology | Timing matters for melatonin and chemotherapy

Colonoscopy – is it on your bucket list?

Considering social isolation and how it can affect our health

Could you benefit from time restricted eating?

Detoxification every day, not just in January

Device review | The Oura ring for monitoring and improving sleep and activity

Does sugar feed cancer? | What happens in the cells

Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber

Finding time for the good stuff

Five strategies to improve insulin resistance | Cancer prevention

Food hygiene and safety | How to eat during chemo

Food presentation | How to eat during chemo

Food review | A closer look at non-dairy yogurts | Foodie Friday

Food review | The natto challenge | Foodie Friday

Food temperature | How to eat during chemo

Getting your body and mind ready for surgery

Healthy holiday gift ideas

How to measure blood glucose levels | Sugar

Humming through the holidays

Imagine a hug

Importance of food texture | How to eat during chemo

Improving lymph circulation to support immunity

Juicing – a good thing

Kara – Guided meditations for cancer patients

Lifestyle Medicine – What is it and what can it do for me?

Magnesium – The low cost mineral with multiple health benefits

Melatonin and cancer | How we make it and how it helps

Melatonin and cancer | Using melatonin with chemotherapy

Melatonin for palliative care | Melatonin & cancer

Melatonin’s anti-estrogenic effects | Melatonin & cancer

Movies boost natural killer cells | Immune system

My summer favorites | Foodie Friday

New Year Resolutions…don’t fall into the trap!

Oncotype DX & Coloprint for prostate and colon cancer

Personalized nutrition – instead of the best diet for humans

Put a little green in your life

Selenium: the small but mighty mineral

Should I avoid soy? What does the research really say?

Should I avoid sugar if I have cancer?

Should I measure blood glucose levels if I’m not diabetic?

Sing for joy – and our health: Benefits in immunity and stress reduction

Skin Deep and Think Dirty | Apps for your health

Spring cleaning and going native… | Foodie Friday

Strategies for meal times | How to eat during chemo

Storm in a coffee cup | Should we be drinking coffee?

Taking tiny steps, making them count

Tests to help with treatment decisions | Breast cancer

The “E” word

The Blue Zones Solution | Book review

The importance of minerals for our health | Avoiding mineral deficiencies

The importance of relationships | The gift of full attention

The importance of Vitamin K2 for prostate health (and varicose veins)

The power of community as medicine

The stages of change: strategies for consistent life-long behavior changes

Try forest bathing to support your immune system

Twelve strategies for dealing with nausea and vomiting

Understanding “risk” in cancer research – what does the percentage risk really mean?

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Ask yourself

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Finding trials

Understanding cancer clinical trials: General facts

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Phases of trials

Understanding cancer clinical trials: Questions to ask

Using reminders to help us change our habits

Vitamin D levels and breast cancer prognosis: the importance of testing

Vitamin K2 sources – how much do we need?

Vitamin K2 | The little-known powerful calcium carrier

Websites to check |

Websites to check |

Websites to check |

Websites to check |

Websites to check |

Websites to check |

What and how to eat during chemotherapy

What knowing your lemons can teach you about breast cancer

What’s in a name? Why I chose CALMERme

What should my plate look like? ANH Healthful eating guidelines

WISDOM study | Helping redefine breast cancer screening for the future

Zinc | For more than just the common cold

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