Without a doubt, a cancer diagnosis can be daunting. Your mind fills up with questions about the diagnosis, the treatment options, what it will take to recover, how you can prevent a recurrence, and how to move forward. It’s a lot to think about, a lot to process, and a lot to handle. But you don’t need to do it all by yourself – a cancer advocate can help you through the process.

Cancer advocacy can mean different things, depending on the type of advocacy being practiced. At CALMERme, the focus is on using three pillars – lifestyle medicine, empowerment, and research to support individuals with cancer and for cancer prevention. 

Lifestyle Medicine

The lifestyle medicine pillar supports the body’s self-healing capacity, and looks at the whole person – their mind, body, and spirit.  It focuses on nutrition, stress management, physical activity, love, laughter, sleep, and community.  These approaches facilitate the body to heal itself, can complement conventional oncology treatments by improving their efficacy, reducing side effects, and restoring health, and prevent recurrence.


Through its empowerment pillar, CALMERme addresses the issue of control, which patients so often feel is taken away by conventional medicine. By sharing information with you and helping you understand the options that are available to you, you can regain a sense of control. You will be empowered to make choices about your actions–such as diet and lifestyle changes–that will improve your quality of life and health.


The research pillar can help you navigate through the research literature to determine which conventional and nonconventional treatment options are appropriate for you. Which means that, instead of simply considering the usual “standard of care” option, you can decide what is the most appropriate option for you as an individual, taking into account your personal circumstances and belief system.

Our primary goal is to support you through sharing valuable information on this website through our blog posts.  These will help you to understand the research and options available, continually adding to your knowledge and understanding. 

Latest Blog posts

In-depth features on understanding research, lifestyle medicine, integrative cancer care, and practical advice on how to make lifestyle changes.  

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Meet Ruth and Kathie

Our background

We are two British friends, living in northern California who got to know each other through caring for someone with cancer: Ruth as a cancer guide and advocate and Kathie as a family member. Since that time, we’ve formed a great partnership to support others, with each of us bringing different but complementary things to the picture.